Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bucking Broodies

I came home tonight and found that Little Miss Thai has pushed over the panels and was loose with Classy. Now this isn't a problem because the arena is big enough that they can get away from each other, and they didn't have feed to fight over. I keep them penned separately because they are fed differently and I want to make sure what I set out for Classy get INTO Classy!

When I pulled into the driveway, they were standing quietly. I changed my clothes and headed out to the arena with the wheelbarrow and when I came around the side of the house, all hell broke loose!

Both mares pinned their ears, ripped around the arena, bucking and farting, kicking up their heels. It was insane!

I set the wheelbarrow down and watched. There was no way I was going in with them acting like idiots!

After a few minutes they calmed down, so I crawled through the poles, reset the panel to the pen, lured Classy into the pen, then set the pin. I crawled back out of the arena and the girls started in again...making faces over the panel, bucking in place, fussing at each other.

Once I dumped the grain, they set to eating and the fuss was over! I know this is normal behavior, but I get such a kick out of it, I just had to share!


Anonymous said...

Ah silliness! It's good that both girls are feeling good!

moosefied said...

It makes you feel good when they act like little fillies, doesn't it?

Karen V said...

I just love watching them! I do the same thing when I turn everybody out on pasture...I just stand and watch them! It's a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

How's Thai's leg doing?

Karen V said...

If you were see Thai's leg, you'd probably ask "Is her ankle a little puffy?"

That's it. It looks like a normal leg with a little bit of "puff". I found a healing cut on the back of her pastern. No proudflesh, thank goodness, but that's probably what was causing it. Sort of like getting a papercut and having your whole arm swell up!