Saturday, October 19, 2013

The New Girl - Zippin Friday

 Right hind
 Back feet
 Back feet
 Front feet
 Blown knee
 Close up of blown knee

 Gratuitous Butt Shot

 Front feet
 The knee - white blurry stuff on far right is her lip...


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


These dang horses!  I have no idea how Sweetie did it, but she took the hide off the inside of her back leg.

Mike fed for me this morning (because I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and a hysterectomy) but I went out to check the horses, like I do every morning and evening.  I check to make sure nothing happened during the day.

Well, I found this:

At some point in the night, Sweetie had rubbed her leg bloody, then laid down, getting sand and dirt in the wounds.

I cold-hosed for 15 minutes, then scrubbed with betadine before rising.  You know those soft brushes that they give you in the hospital when you have a baby?  They have super soft bristles on one side and a sponge on the other side.  I have one from when my 2nd grand-daughter was born last spring.

After rinsing, I patted dry with paper towels, then applied T-Zone Wound Cream, and let her graze on the lawn for 20 minutes so the cream could dry. 

It looks worse than it is but at least she is clean and doctored and will be feeling better soon.