Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I don't WANT to be accomodating....

I sometimes find myself bending over backward to help other people...and that's OK. It makes me happy to be able to help...mostly in manual labor, sometimes hauling, feeding their horses, getting their mail...whatever. When I posted a pitiful request for help, two people stepped up and said "Here whiney butt...I'll help!" Ok not really, but they HELPED me when I really needed help! I try to help others if I can. For the most part, a kind "Thank you" is enough.

But there are certain people (who shall remain nameless, but you might know who I'm referring to) who take and take and take, yet can afford to give.

Last night, I was GOING to make new pens by the barn and move Dobbs and Millie into them. I was GOING to take down the panels, move the manure and the waste hay and spread it into the arena. I was GOING to rent a neighbor's loader and spreader and rototiller to move, spread and turn the arena.

I was GOING to...

Then today, I was in a "funk". I don't really feel "bad", just "blah". And in the quiet of the drive home, I thought "NO! I'm not going to be accomodating!"

I really don't have the extra money. And I don't want to spend my entire weekend working with poop! There's a big barrel race up at the TRAC and I want to go watch. I want to chit-chat with friends and acquiantances. I want to sit on my butt and do NOTHING!

I WILL however, create two pens so I can pen Dobbs and Millie if I want to ride in there. I can do flat work if I want. I can work with Millie. I can work with Squirrel. I can work with Thai. I can anything I want EXCEPT work barrels. It's just too slick. It's packed sand with two or three inches of packed manure on top. Not good for barrels!

I can pen Dobbs and Millie on Saturday night before my neighbor's little worker bees come over to pick up her manure. That way, they can dump the manure in the arena, rather than next to my barn (like they did the last time)

You know...it wouldn't bother me so much if they would NEATLY pile it. But they just walk up and dump it in the general vicinity of the pile. I irritates the crap out of me. (I believe I've mentioned this in the past)

NOW....on the other hand, if SHE wants to pay for the fuel, and SHE wants to pay the worker bees to load and spread it, if SHE wants to pay for the tractor and rototiller, if SHE wants to drag it to smooth it every so often...well, ok. I'll move the horses.

Until then, nope, my horses are just fine where they are, thank you very much. (To her credit, she hasn't said anything about not being able to use "our" arena.)

But still...

Is it September yet?


Update on my son - Josh was medically disqualified from the Marines - temporarily.

He needs to supply some medical documentation regarding his ADHD and Ritalin, and Family Counseling which happened when he was a 9 year old monster.

It has delayed to "KNOWING" that he's going, but as of right now, he is on track to leave June 1. Stay tuned...



Thai is in a pen at the barn. She was getting SO FAT...she's now lost a little weight and by the look of her coat, she's wormy. I have her on an herbal wormer Silver Lining Herbs "Worm Foe". The way this works is that it doesn't kill the worms, it make the horse's body an unfavorable and toxci environment and the worms vacate the system. It's fed in grain, once a day for seven days every month. A distributor who has been using it for 10 years said that she has a fecal exam done on her horses evey spring and to date, there has been no evidence of parasite infestation. All the horses, except Classy, are on it.


Classy is doing so well! I washed her butt last weekend as I posted already. On Sunday, I turned her out with Jazzy on the pasture. Classy and Jazzy would run up the pasture, one along one side, one along the other, bucking and farting. They'd stop, turn, then run back. They went on like this, with a snort and a blow thrown in here and there, for almost 20 minutes. Classy looks like crap with her being underweight and her yak-hair, but she is feeling good and is shedding like crazy! (Hey...that's another thing I can put on my list of things to do this weekend...)

And so it goes...like at Vermillion Acres! Enjoy your April Fools Day tomorrow! Have fun, but stay safe. And hug your ponies and pray for sunshine!

I'm ready for Spring!

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