Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor Classy

Classy was REALLY sore today. She's been mostly standing around, doing nothing. Poor dear! I washed off some of the gunk on her legs, but she was really bothered by the cold water. So I hauled a big bucket of warm water out, soaked her legs, and brushed lightly with a soft brush. There is STILL a lot of gunk still on there.

She is still bleeding a little, which isn't helping at all!

I got a tip...rub in some Vaseline. The deal is, you rub in the Vaseline and it will not only soften the gunk that's still on there, but it will prevent MORE gunk from sticking. (By gunk, I mean dried blood) It will also protect her legs. The problem is, however, if it's too cold out or if the wind is blowing, the vaseline could exasserbate the cold. I mean geez...hasn't this poor mare been through enough?

I talked to Mike about getting one of those attachments so I can hook up a hose to the sink and run warm water out that way. It's going to be a pain in the a$$, but she really needs to be cleaned off and cold water isn't going to get it.

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Anonymous said...

I think the vaseline should help stop her bit of bleeding too by providing a barrier.