Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Drsgjunky

Just so you know....

The neighbor is moving to Arizona in the fall and is going to be renting out her place.

It's a cute 2-story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with loft office, nice open kitchen, gas fireplace and hot water heater, 3 stall barn, fenced and cross fenced. 4th "pen" with loafing shed. You'll have to keep your tack in your trailer though.

Very small "yard" with grass, not fenced.

Not listed yet, naturally, but she will later this summer.

Anyway...that's a though for next winter (since you're not out of winter over there yet...) and assuming I can't convince Barb O to move over here...


Drsgjunky said...

It's tempting. If I had work lined up, I'd be there.

How big of a home? Which direction from your place?

A barn with stalls? Perfect.

BTW. It's snowing again. Uhgg..

Karen V said...

If you look at the over head picture of my place (in my photobucket) the front of her house is due south from the about the middle of the arena and the back of the house is just forward of our garage.

If you go to Yahoo and click on their Maps, type in 2921 N Road 64, Pasco, WA, in the upper right of the results are three buttons "Map", "Hybrid", and "Satellite". Click on "satellite" then zoom in. You can see the house when it was being built. The white square shed is no longer there. The barn was built due east and behind the house.