Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Random Pictures


 Cedar - Christy's New Rescue - 2 weeks post rescue

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Handsome Nick

I saw a post on a discussion board about someone needing to board a horse for a couple of weeks.  There was "some" drama involved with the whole situation.  Apparently "K", who live in Sedro Wooley (which is on the west side of Washington) allowed her friend "S" to take her horse and try him.  "S" lives locally.  Within a couple of weeks, "S" contacted a local friend, "A" and asked if she would keep the horse for a week or so, because he kept getting out and she needed to fix her fence.  "A" agreed.  While "A" was keeping Nick, "S" sold her own horse and moved to an apartment.  She didn't pay "A" any board and aside from sending "K's" number to "A", she fell of the grid.

Meanwhile, "K" has put a plan into motion to move here, and unable to get ahold of "A", couldn't get payment for hay etc to her.  Then a week ago, "A" texted "K" and told her to move her horse.  "K" wanted to find board for a couple weeks, because it didn't make sense to haul Nick to the west side, then in two weeks haul him back.  Plus, fuel is expensive. So Nick ended up at my house.  He has lost some weight, but not horribly so.  He has gained some (evidence through the flanks and the withers)

I'm not sure how many weeks/months Nick was over here, but he has lost weight and it doesn't appear that his feet have ever been trimmed.  I seriously doubt that he has been dewormed either.

BEFORE (The day after he arrived)

AFTER (Taken today)

Such a neat housekeeper!