Thursday, January 22, 2015


We are finally in our new home!  It was very trying, and there is still some residual drama with the other place, but that will resolve in time.  For now, take a visual tour of the new place. (the outside anyway...)  Sorry that they a little disjointed and out of order....

 The view from the back deck of the house

 We have our own little stream...
 On the right is a double loafing shed, with individual pastures.  One side is set up for chickens/ducks.
 Chiquita says "This blows..."
 This wall used to be solid up to 8 ft.  We removed some boards and put in hog panel so the kids can see each other.
 All the stalls that are being used have these water tanks, which I use for hay feeders, rather than the metal hay feeders on the wall.
 I don't have automatic waterers, so everyone has two five-gallon buckets, and a grain bucket.  All the stalls are fully matted over gravel.

 Texas Chili

 Bullwinkle!  Filthy from rolling in the mud.
 Chili/Angel and Chiquita/Bullwinkle share paddocks that lead to the pastures.  They each have 100 gallon water tanks.

 The barn alley (Left side) - concrete and matted.  Excuse the mess.  We are still moving in.
 Barn alley - right side
 I have a heated bathroom in the barn!
 Tackroom - yes, there is a full sized refrigerator in the middle of the room.  I need to modify the shelved on the wall for it to fit...  this room is also heated.
 The tackroom also comes with a washer, dryer, and hot water tank!
 These are "storage stalls"  They can be used as horse stalls if needed.
 Stairs go up to the loft.
 See the window below the stairs?  Well, the stairs can be pulled up, the wall behind me can be removed, and that would create a foaling stall with a window so I can observe from the heated tackroom!
 The lower landing in the loft, perfect for storage
 The hay loft - engineered for 20 ton of hay storage.  There are doors on each end - we just need to install a hoist down the center.
 This looks down over the stalls.  The net is to discourage pigeons.

 This is the north end of the barn and a Noble loafing shed.  The shed is currently not being used, but I will eventually move it to another pasture.
 My horse trailer will eventually be parked here.
 The arena.  The left half is for riding.  I also have equipment storage (tractor, etc) and a in-and-out pen for the pasture pets.
 Cabo snarfing Cappy's smush.  The equipment storage area behind him.
 Friday - poor starving baby
 A larger view of the in-and-out pen, with Cappy's pen in the corner.  Cappy refused to discuss breakfast in bed this morning...
 Cappy saying Hello.
 No really - HELLO!  (Yes he is ribby - he has been a bit of a turd lately.  He will pace his pen, even though the other two are locked in.  Sigh... I guess he'll eat when he gets hungry)
 Storage area and the riding arena
 The gate where the kids can go out to the pasture - all 5 acres of it.

 I even have bench seating - for collecting dust!

 Back to the barn...