Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fussin' and Frettin'

This is not horse related, but bear with me, will ya? Either that or just skip this post.

My son dropped the bomb on us. He is enlisting in the US Marine Corps.

Now don't get me wrong. My husband was a Marine in Recon for 13 years. When he couldn't pass the physical to re-enlist, he was medically retired. It almost killed him. He didn't know how to be a civilian. He didn't WANT to be a civilian. He was horribly depressed and angry for YEARS! But I digress..

My son is 22 years old. He's is married. He has a son that turns 3 in June. Maybe I wouldn't worry if this country wasn't at war. I laid awake for hours last night. Not really thinking. Not really upset.

The American in me is very proud. I absolutely LOVE the Marines! I know they are the best trained of the services.

But I am also Josh's momma. He still calls me "Momma". And it scares the hell out of me to think he could be shipping to Iraq or Afghanistan.

I support his decision 100%. There is no greater honor for me as a mother and an American, than to stand up and say "My son is a Marine." (Although it hasn't happened YET, he could ship off to boot camp as early as May 1)

So when it's quiet and all is still, I sit fussin' and frettin', proud, yet scared.

Thanks for listening!

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