Sunday, March 8, 2009


I posted here that I had become a beggar and needed help. I was very surprised to find a post from Nikki in Idaho, offering to help out. Actually, she said "I'm game" and posted her e-mail.

I've never seen a post from Nikki before, so I was amazed that she was even reading this blog! My daughter said she was a Blog Stalker, LOL!

Well, a few e-mails later and Nikki tells me that she and Chad are sending some money from their business! Then Nikki asked if there was a supplement that I was feeding that she could buy on line and ship to me. I told her what I feed and her next e-mail is forwarding confirmation of a purchase.

I am so humbled by Nikki and Chad's generosity! Thank you so much!

Then yesterday, I sent an e-mail to my friend Barb O who lives in Western Washington that was totally unrelated to this blog. Her response "You should be getting something in the mail from me. Hope it helps with the ponies." Thank you Barb! I love you!

Now all we need to do is convince Nikki that she really DOES need a sweet, sound, sane, red mare with a blaze on her face! How cool would THAT be?


Nikker said...

I'm a crimson red right now! LOL! I will quit stalking and comment more from now on!
We are GLAD we could help!

Karen V said...

LOL!!! I'm sure you're not the only one! My friend Barb reads but never posts either...

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Hey, everybody needs a cute red mare...seriously if you're looking, she is a doll and then some. She has the nicest disposition ever.