Monday, November 3, 2014


We have been looking for a new house in Western Washington since late February. We have spent hundreds of hours and driven thousands of miles trying to find a place that is right for us.  In August, we thought we found the right place.  Mike and I both liked the house, the pasture was adequate but a blank slate, and we could make it what we wanted.

After making an offer, which was accepted, and signing a six month lease (because our house in Pasco hadn't sold) we started moving.  When our house sold in early September, we thought "YAY!  We can proceed on the new house."  Then the appraisal value came in $70k BELOW the purchase price.  That's when things started going south.

The Seller, for whatever reason, started closing proceedings on a house that he was buying in South Carolina before the appraisal came back... and he started panicking.  I honestly don't blame him, but the way he handled the situation was completely unacceptable.

First, he said Mike and I would have to come up with the additional $70k, because, after all, we HAD agreed to pay the purchase price.  Um... No.  Unless you have an appraisal to support the purchase price, we aren't throwing good money after bad.  Then he threatened to kick us out (in spite of the lease) and relist the house.  Um... No.  He signed a lease and we were going to hold him to it.

Things deteriorated from there.  We presented to him what we were financially able to do, and asked him to meet us there.  He spent three weeks harassing and bullying Mike, trying to get his way.  One day, Mike had his hands dirty and he received a text from the Seller.  When I picked it up and read it aloud, Mike and I received the FINAL STRAW.  We were done!  We were done trying to work to a mutual agreement.  I started looking for a new property. 

I found one that we could make work, but it would need a LOT of sweat labor.  Mike said "NO"

Then I happened to find another one.  Hmmm.... Two years older (built in 1992), 1,000 sqft larger, barn, cross-fencing, COVERED ARENA, same price.  AND... only 7 miles from the house we were renting.  No brainer there.

We looked.  We liked.  We offered. The offer was accepted, and the inspection was completed on Nov 1st.  On Nov 3rd, the appraisal was ordered.  If there are no hiccups, we should be moving during the weeks of Thanksgiving.

This whole experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but there really is a reason for all of this, and at the end of the day, we feel very blessed.