Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You know how they say "It's going to get worse before it gets better"?

It's worse.

Classy is very sore on her injured hock. She so sore that I can't even touch it without her lifting her leg away. After supper and before dark, I'm going to run some cold water on her hock to try to give her some relief.

The ankle isn't quite as swollen as it was. It will get a hosing down also.

The puncture injury is still weepy and oozy. Gross. Swollen. The vet put a patch over the pocket to prevent poop and urine from going down in there. Aside from smeared blood that got on there from the stitching procedure and from her tail, it has stayed pretty clean.

I figured out the "magic" combination to get her to eat the feed-through antibiotic. One cup of Strategy, 2 ounces of B-L Solution, stir. Add antibiotic. Stir. Add 2 ounce of honey. Stir (if you can...) Add one cup of Strategy and stir. She eats it better that way than with the applesauce.

Since moving her to the barn, she is moving around more. When she was in the pen in the arena, she just stood there. Now she is walking more which is better for her than standing around.

Classy has the squirts again. I've posted and asked about it. There are two trains of thought here. Check for a digestive system infection - I had four that had the squirts. Some may have been cross contaminated and just fought it off better.

Switch to straight alfalfa. I tried this earlier and it did work. Makes sense. I'm going to switch her to alfalfa pellets and stop the probiotic and see what happens.


moosefied said...

Poor girl. She's lucky to have you caring for her, though.

What's B-L Solution?

Anonymous said...

Poor baby!

Karen V said...

B-L Solution - It's a B-12 vitamin derived from Yucca and Devil's Claw. It is also a bute alternative - safer on the stomach. Bute can/will irritate and is not good for horses that may have ulcers. It's a safe, effective alternative.