Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's been crazy around here!!

Mike had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, April 27. Below is what he wrote on his right knee... he wanted to make sure the surgeon didn't forget which one was being replaced...

This knee is MUCH more swollen and purple now...

The first days were a piece of cake and he thought "This isn't so bad!" Well last night, all the numbing was completely worn off and it kicked his butt! The pain was so bad he was nauseated, hot flashes, shocky, the works. We dosed him with pain killers and ice packs and got him back to bed. He was up moving around this morning, so he must be feeling better.

Before last night, he was thinking he'd just go ahead and have the other one done. He has rethought that option now.

I got stalls cleaned this morning and some of the horses turned out. Not all get to go out because of weight issues, founder probability, or she (Lucy) is hard to catch and get back to her stall. She would have to be turned out with Foxy and Chili...

Tomorrow, I'm loading up the tractor and heading over to Mindy's house. I have offered to work up her arena and round pen for her. She will pay fuel costs, and buy me lunch! Plus it will give me a break from playing "Nurse Ratchet"!

Little Miss TickyToo!!! (Show Ticket) She looks good, doesn't she? She is the sweetest thing - loves to cuddle and be brushed! She reminds me a LOT of Thai!

Yes - that's a boo-boo on her face and yes, it's been doctored.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Been a while...sorry

We planted trees last weekend. They are Aussie Willows - the roots are non-invasive, the leaves are small and will blow away in the fall, they grown FAST, and they are non-toxic to the horses.

See this tree? This is what we planted.

See this tree? Me either. That's because Jazzy went under the tape and ate it!

I worked the arena last weekend. Now all I have to do is ride in it. That's Show Ticket in the background. She doesn't look too hideous, does she?

Show Ticket

"Ticket" is doing well! She started shedding immediately after arriving in early February. Her rainrot has cleared up and her hair has grown back. The vet is not concerned about her condition nor lack of "fast" regain of weight. Overall, she is pleased with her progress and said that she is fit enough to go back to work under saddle. The glossy coat and muscle tone... looks good to me!

Isn't that the sweetest face!!!