Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thunder Storm

A mild, gentle thunderstorm passed over this evening. I was able to catch these pics. ENJOY!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to get action shots...

...take one horse from the barn and move to the arena.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What did I do all week??

It feels like the answer is "Nothing"!

I know that horses and dogs got fed and watered.
I know I was able to check my computer every evening.
I know we went to dinner on Monday for my birthday, and Wednesday for Mike's birthday.

But aside from that, it doesn't feel like I did anything.

Bedtime became 8:30 pm. It felt kind of like I was going down for a nap, rather than down for the night. Get-up time changed to 4:15 am. It wasn't too hard because Mike gets up at the same time, so I have lots of help.

Today is chore day. I've got laundry to do. I woke up to a huge mound of clothes next to my bed and I have NO CLUE how that happened. They all appear to be MY clothes too!

I've got some bills to pay, horses to deworm, water tubs to scrub, vacuuming to do, shopping to do, checks to deposit, my desk is a mess, it seems like the list just keeps going!

I stood for several minutes and watch Frankie and Bullwinkle this morning. I have been noticing all week that something was off with these two, but couldn't figure it out. So I stood and stared like an idiot and BING! it came to me.

They are growing. Again. Bullwinkle is butt-high, obviously sprouting. Frankie is right behind him, though not quite so noticable.

It's time to get my scatter-brained butt busy before I realize that it's time for bed and I haven't done a thing all day...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 Starving Horses

Jazzy - no, it's not an illusion. She really doesn't have a butt.




Jinx - Hard to take "at liberty" pictures when they keep walking up on you...


His Magesty

Angel, Frankie, and Bullwinkle

Kaci and Shyanna - sniffing noses, I missed the squeal, then off to eat...


Friday, May 14, 2010

What did you do with YOUR Friday evening???

We loaded the waste-hay pile into a 20 YARD container to be hauled away. It's FULL! This is the quirky neighbor's hay pile (mostly) because she overfeeds her horses. WHATEVER! She's going to pay for the cost of the container, we use our tractor, fuel, and time. Now, I stink. Mike is already in the shower getting cleaned up. He was WAY stinkier than I am!

We over-heated the tractor once. Even though we were blowing the screen off, small particles clogged the radiator. But we let the sucker cool down and we were able to finish the job. Mostly. There is still a BUNCH of hay left. Off to get cleaned up, enjoy the pics. (New pictures of the horses tomorrow!)'s a 20 YARD container!

Mike gesturing to me to get into the container and stomp it down. Um...NO!

The new pile that Mike is starting before it gets too dark. Not really sure why he's doing this... To the far right is the manure "ramp" that Mike had to build to get into the container.

Here's what's left of the monstrous pile.

Yep - it covered all this ground.

My manure pile. Apparently Mike wants some hay mixed in.

Shyanna 3/18/10

Shyanna tonight

Congrats to Cathy and Cecil (VLC) Rumor has it he is doing VERY WELL at the horse show this weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More of Dis and Dat

I tricked Kaci into changing pens. He thinks that it was his idea! I left the girls locked up and took the tapes down in the pasture. When he changed runs to investigate the other girls, I put the tapes up behind him and moved Jazzy into his stall. She's too fat anyway, so she and Squirrel can take turns in Run #1, which Kaci had grazed down. So when I opened the gate to Kaci's new run, the drama started. The squealing. The striking. The posturing. The peeing. Jinx is interested. Angel is smitten. Kaci is STILL making noise. He is the Drama Queen of Vermillion Acres. (Yes, that is my darling Angel peeing...) Jinx and Angel have been shadowing Kaci's every move up and down the run, and staring longingly after him if he ventures out to the pasture to pester the Boyz, who are also turned out.

Last night, Kali and I got a rare treat (well, rare for THIS time of year). We get thuderstorms in the last summer, which by the way are NOTHING like in the mid-West or the South. But it was wierd...the breeze was blowing from the south, but the storm moved from the north. I guess that is the wierd part. (For here, anyway) We were treated to lightning and thunder, and great big drops of rain coming in sideways. We sat out on the back porch and watched the show for about an hour. Then the stormed moved off and we were left with fresh after-rain air and a light warm breeze.

And this noisy little stinker made a big fuss when I got too close to her nest...