Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day at the Beauty Parlor!

ALL the "kids" went to the beauty parlor today, though Classy in a diminished capacity. I did learn something though..when you are working on tails that have poop dried in because the horse had the squirts, breath through your nose.

Dobbs was first. I clipped his bridle path, then washed his tail. I braided it and wrapped it in some pink vet wrap. Did you know that horses can actually look embarassed? I cleaned off his butt and rubbed on some salve, then turned his back out with Thai...for about 30 seconds.

It was Thai's turn. Her tail was in worse shape. I washed her bum and legs, then worked on her tail again. Meanwhile, Dobbs was working himself into a dither in the arena. I found out that Thai will only allow you to wash her tail 5 times before she's had enough. And when "enough is enough", trust're done! She didn't do anything bad, she just wouldn't hold still. I did manage to get conditioiner in it and get it braided before giving up and taking back to her boyfriend.

Then I clipped and brushed out the manes and tails of Jazzy, Honey, and Millie. Surprisingly, Millie could care less about the clippers. She was more interest4ed in smelling everything, so I had to follow a moving target with the clippers. You know those pictures of Fresians with INSANELY long and thick manes and tails??? Picture them in red and on a 2 yr old filly. INSANE!!!

I didn't bother with Ange. I roach her mane and it only take three swipes with the brush to take care o her broomy little tail. So Squirrel was last...

Squirrel was a ranch horse. Never clipped. Never had her tail washed. Never had a bath. Until today. Well, except for the clipping part. She was having NONE of THAT!! I managed to wash her tail once and get it mostly brushed out. I gooped it up with a leave in conditioner and perhaps tomorrow, I can finish cleaning it.

Squirrel has always been a little hardto catch. Today, she took about three steps backward, then stopped. Tomorrow, she'll probably run for the hills!


Anonymous said...

I need to get to Casey's tail. He's been doing so good with his baths, which I don't think he had regularly until I got him last fall. He gets wiggly and uncomfortable looking when you get to his hind end, but he's had hip issues that are resolving. (His hip was out pretty bad and chiro treatment has helped! He just needs more work and more time).

Does Thai fall in love with the boys rather easily? Or is it just Mr. Ladies Man Dobbs?

Karen V said...

Thai is the bottom of the totem pole, regardless of who is in with her. But Dobbs is such a gentleman and is so kind, what's NOT to love?

Nikker said...

I wish I could bath our horses...we still have 2 feet of snow or more in some places!! Soooo jealous! Raining today...blah!

moosefied said...

Washing all those dirty butts...hope you get to do something fun on Sunday!!

Do you remember the brand of biotin that you said would help tails and manes grow faster?

Karen V said...

I use "Biotin Concentrate X2" by Horseguard. Look under "Hoof Treatment".

It has 32 mg per OUNCE. All other products I've looked at had the mg per pound. Dosing recommends 1 ounce per 1,000 LB horse. So you could give him a partial scoop (which is included). I buy the 3 pound tub, because I only feed it to Angel. It's in a corn meal base so the horses eat it fine. Just put it on his grain.