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Feb 26, 2010

Mar 05, 2010

Mar 18, 2010

Mar 29, 2010

See any difference?

NAYSA - Cross-post from Fugly Blog

(by Cathy Atkinson, The Fugly Blog) Cross-posted by request.


It’s all over. Tony Meyers (wisely) caved in, started bawling and admitted he was guilty as sin. There will be no trial.

He was sentenced to three years at hard labor, sentence probated (i.e. he’s on probation and they’re not locking him up – BOO, HISS!), may not be around horses for three years in that Parish or anywhere until he completes a psychological examination and whatever else they assign him, plus pays all court costs and a $50 per month probation fee.

I’m not thrilled, to say the least. But I’m not surprised he knew better than to let that trial proceed. At least he is a felon now, and that will follow him the rest of his life.

I’m going to be a broken record on this until after tomorrow. I am asking you please to cross-post this, to e-mail it to your friends, to share it on every horse message board you participate on. If you’ve ever forwarded a chain letter or a joke, well, this is something that is actually really important and I’m just asking you to do the same thing and make a brief phone call or send a short e-mail.

You all know the story of Naysa by now, or if you don’t, here is her page and it has a link to her video. The main page pictures are recent and happy, but I would not recommend the video for anyone under 18 or who does not have a strong stomach. It will make you cry. To make a long story short, Naysa was purchased at auction by a scummy horse dealer type named Tony Meyers for $37. When she would not load into a horse trailer (smart mare, probably had a premonition like she was getting into Ted Bundy’s van), Tony attacked her with a level of violence that is almost impossible to comprehend. He beat her in the face, wrapped barbed wire around the halter to try to drag her into the trailer, finally did drag her behind the trailer, backed the trailer over her and then shot her in the head.

You don’t need to tell me what you think he deserves. We probably agree on that, but we’re not going to get our wish. What we can get is a guilty verdict and a stiff sentence but we’re unlikely to get those things unless the media picks up on this case and shines their light on it. Tony Meyers needs to go to jail, and here is how you can help make that happen:

WBRZ is the local Baton Rouge ABC Affiliate: 225-336-2344
WAFB is the local Baton Rouge CBS Affiliate: 225-383-9999
or e-mail

You can also try the national media.
E-mail Geraldo! Can’t hurt! Might help!

Keep it short and informative. If you need a script for calling, here you go: Hi, I’m calling to see if you know about and will be covering a Louisiana trial that has caught national attention. Three years ago, a man named Tony Meyers commenced a violent attack upon a horse at a horse auction. The horse nearly died after he dragged her from his trailer with a barbed wire-wrapped halter, ran her over and shot her. She survived but it has taken almost three years for his case to come to trial and it’s going to be heard starting on Tuesday at the St. Martinsville Court. The case number is 07-00009229. Jerry Finch of Habitat for Horses will be there testifying so you can talk to him about the horse’s rehab and her life today.

Three years have passed, but this horrifically violent act cannot be shrugged off. Heck, even if you hate me and hate this blog, if you have and love horses, we are on the same side on this one. Please take the time to make a call or send an e-mail, and please ask everybody in your social circle to do the same. Even someone who is not a horseperson can relate to how horrible a crime this was and how someone capable of doing this to a horse could easily be just as dangerous to humans and must be put behind bars.

If you already did call or e-mail – thank you! I know that the horse community can get this story to the forefront of the national news scene if we want to, and anyone who has or loves a horse should want to. Let’s make this happen!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Horse Kids, that is.

I had to do some shuffling of horses. Shyanna has been out on pasture since she got here, and she's gotten kind of chunky. Plus, we were going to fertilize the pasture and to do that, Shyanna had to move. I figured I could build a big pen in the arena, move Millie into the pen. Piece of cake, right? WRONG!!

I got the halter on Millie, no problem. I walked her out the the arena, no problem. I had Kali get the buggywhip to run the boys off, no problem. I got Millie through the gate, WAAAAHHOOOOO!!! She took off with a buck and a fart, joined up with the boys, and they ALL went ripping around.

Kali was sort of in the middle of the arena with the buggy whip, and I was trying to get the gate latched so the three wild kids wouldn't get out. I finally got the gate latched, Kali made it to the rail and climbed over, and I got the panels set and open so I could lead Millie in, once I caught her.

So, as I was walking over to where the three kids were now huddled, two things occurred to me... (1) Millie was in heat, and (2) Frankie was thinking he might be a real man! Frankie had his head over Millie's withers and was rubbing lovingly on her.

I finally got Millie into the pen, and we got safely out of the arena. The boys acted like, well, boys for about an hour. It was pretty wild there for a few minutes, and Frankie almost "got some". (At least he was acting like he was going to "get some").

Friday, March 26, 2010


I guess it started yesterday, this my decline to becoming a full-blown bitch! I really need my broom so I can fly off the handle!

I woke up yesterday morning and the wind was blowing. A cold front had moved into the area and brought cold breezing conditions. The peak gust was 52 mph. I hate wind! I can't ride. It blows my hair into my eyes. It blows hay into my face when I feed. It just makes me pissy all the way around.

Then I went shopping. I HATE shopping with a PASSION!! But I'm trying to get a job and I came to the realization that at some point, I might be called in for an interview so I might want to get an outfit together. NOTHING FIT!! There was one pair of pants that I could squeeze my hips into, and as long as I wore a blazer, I wouldn't have to zip up the back. I pulled out the blazer. It was on the bottom rung in the closet and it was cover in cat hair. So I had to wash it. Then I discovered that the dog (or the cat - neither one is fessing up) chewed on the heel of my old comfy black pumps. RAWR!! So Kali and I headed to Fred Meyer. I found two pair of really nice dress pants and two shirts. One of the shirts is going back. I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. It makes me look pregnant. So I have to go BACK...more shopping. UGH!

I was able to find two pairs of shoes. One pair is VERY cute!

Mike was supposed to go to the Veteran's Hospital last night for a sleep study. To console myself and fill in the lonely hours, Kali and I were going to dye each others' hair and paint our toes. Well the technician called in sick, so Mike's appointment was cancelled. It totally threw a wrench into my evening plans. So we started eating. Stirfry for supper. Then an ice cream sammich. Then popcorn. Oh yeah, and while we're at it, why don't we go to Dairy Queen and get a Peanut Buster Parfait??! What the heck???

I'm also trying to quit smoking. Now before you start in with the high fives, let me tell you it's only working "OK" so far. I have tried to quit in the past cold turkey (in which I gained 30 pounds) and using the patch (which gave me a rash). So this time, I'm going with the e-cigarette. It's water vapor and nicotine. That's it. There are 3 levels of nicotine, so I can step down when I want, and a blank, which is water vapor only, if I still want the hand-to-mouth habit thing.

The problem is getting used to this thing, dragging correctly, and getting the nicotine "hit" I'm craving. I've got to admit, I've cheated a time or two. But I'm TRYING.

Last night, before I went to bed, I was playing Bubble Island on Facebook. It was frustrating the heck out of me! I kept dying. Stupid game!

Once in bed, I couldn't sleep. The treat at Dairy Queen had given me gas. There's nothing more annoying that just dosing off and having to fart!

Then this morning, the frickin wind is STILL howling. I was totally comfortable and warm - you know, that morning "nest" where everything is perfect and you are loath to move... and the dog started clacking her teeth at me. Apparently she had held it as long as she was going to and it was time to go out...NOW. So I got up, let the dogs out, got dressed and headed out to feed.

It was cold and windy and I scowled all fifty feet to the barn. Naturally, everyone was starved! I got down to Jinx and when I went to toss a flake of alfalfa to her, she reached for it. (The mare came with HORRIBLE feed manners, though she's getting better) I want to open the feed door on the stall, and have her move her face out of the way until I drop the hay on the mat. Well, she reached for it, which sent a shower of hay dust and leaves swirling around, into my face, down my collar, and the hay fell on the OUTSIDE of the stall. Stupid horse! I growled at her until she backed off, then I tried again. This time, of course, the flake had started to disintegrate and I got another unwelcome shower.

I loaded up the wheelbarrow and went out to feed the boys and Shyanna. On my way back, fighting the wind and the cold, with my head down, I brought my foot forward and the wheelbarrow got a little off kilter, and I WHACK the front of my shin just above my ankle on the foot of the wheel barrow. Naturally, I swore. OUT LOUD!!

I put the wheel barrow away, closed up the barn, and started looking for my broom. I figure as long as I am now in a full-blown bitchy mood, I might as well go for a ride!

Have you seen it?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bullwinkle's Legs - Update

Karla said that she saw the same "wounds" on her mare and wondered how Bullwinkle was doing. So here ya go - 11 days after the attack of the panels, BW is healing nicely, no swelling, and the burn scabs are coming off like snake skin. It looks icky, but he's really fine!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looks like a horse. Eats like a pig!

Since I've been home and not working, I've been feeding Kaci little meals throughout the day, trying to get the weight on him. Here's his program:

7:30 pm - 3 pounds of Purina Strategy, 2 flakes alfalfa hay, 1 flake Teff hay (to munch on through the day)

9:30 - 1 flake alfalfa hay

12:00 - 3 pounds Purina Strategy

2:30 - 3 pounds alfalfa pellets, followed by 3 pounds of Strategy once he's done

5:00 - 2 flakes alfalfa hay, 1 flake Teff hay

So I'm sure we'll agree that Kaci is being fed consistently, in ample quantities, and that the only time he should actually "feel" hungry is in the morning. Agreed?

So I went out a little early and gave Poor Lil Starving Man his alfalfa pellets, then grabbed the stripping comb and started through the herd, stripping the hair off since they are shedding. I started with Shyanna and The Boys, then came back to the barn to start through.

As I approached Jazzy's pen, I heard this God-Awful hacking cough and looked up to see Kaci standing with his head down and green slime hanging from his mouth and nose!
I thought, "Great! The big dork is going to suffocate right here and there's nothing I can do to help!"

I called the vet and talked to her and she said that when horses choke, it's usually just balled up in their esophagus and he'd probably be fine IF I could see that he was breathing.

I checked. Yep! Still breathing.

She said to give him an hour and if he was still having problems, to call her back.

So, to prevent this from happening again, I'm going to switch Kaci and Jazzy. The grain tub where Kaci is now is next to the wall shared with Angel, who of course begs as if he's going to share. As such, he's bolting his food to prevent her from helping herself, even though her nose is much too fat to fit through the bars. The grain tub in where Jazzy is now is on an outside wall of the barn and he'll have his back to the other horses.

I'm also going to soak the pellets before giving them to Kaci, AND give him less, OR pull his flake of hay apart and disperse the pellets in the hay. I've also heard that putting a BIG rock in the grain tub will discourage them from bolting their food.

********* UPDATE ***************

When I went to put Kaci's blanket on, he was having problems again. Earlier, he'd seemed fine - no snot, no coughing. I called the vet and she thought it was best that she come help him out. She gave him a mild sedative, then ran a tube up his nose and down his esophagus. The blockage was just before his stomach. Luckily, it was hay pellets. We put in some water, drew it out, put it in, drained the tube, and started over. After 10 minutes of really working, and an hour total time, the tube pushed through into Kaci's stomach. His muzzle ended up covered with snot and blood, but he immediately showed interest in water and hay. (I took the hay away for the evening.)

*soak the pellets* *soak the pellets* *soak the pellets* *soak the pellets*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In other news, a gal who's name I know decided to take her one year old son out to the pasture to get some pics of his "first horse ride". One of the other mares in the pasture bumped the "picture mare", who then "goosed" forward. Guess where the baby ended up.

YEP! Right underneath the horse. So many people were all concerned and rightly so, praying for the baby to be alright. (Which, thankfully, he was)

I had to leave the site (online) because the only thing I could think of was:


The horse wasn't saddled. They were in "with the herd". She didn't have anyone else (read: ADULT) with her to hold the baby or grab him if something happened. And so many other things that I can think of that she did or didn't do. It was just epic stupidity that could have ended very very badly.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm impressed....

I have Squirrel for sale and a gal from Portland, OR came today to try her out.

I told the gal that while Squirrel was broke, she was "ranch broke" and didn't have any of the refined skills some horses have. She hadn't been ridden in six months, didn't know how to lunge, didn't understand moving off of leg pressure other than to "go forward", and such.

Denise, the gal that tried her, was very soft, persistent, and quiet. She rode the way I wish I could ride.

Squirrel was a DREAM!! She figured out the lunging thing in about 5 minutes. BOTH WAYS! She learned to flex and give to bit pressure. She was moving off leg pressure after three circles. She picked up her leads on cue, figured out how to tip her hip in. She was such a good girl! She was very light and soft and responsive. She tried so hard!

If Denise doesn't buy her, I'm taking her off the market. I'm going to send her out for a 30 day tune up and start riding her myself! I'm also going to start taking lessons on her!

I was so impressed with the TRY this mare had, after six months of nothing but foot trims, worming, and a whole lot of standing around! If I was smart, I'd tell Denise that she was no longer available. She has until Thursday night to make up her mind. If I haven't heard from her by bedtime on Thursday, she'll be waking up to an e-mail from me that Squirrel is no longer available.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures and Stuff

Tomorrow, it'll be three weeks since Kaci got here. I don't see a whole lot of difference. Do you?

Day of Arrival

3 weeks later.

Mr. Funny Face!

Shyanna arrived in the dark, so I wasn't able to get a good look at her. But in the light of day, she doesn't look too bad. In fact, I think she looks pretty good. She could use a few more pounds (in my humble opinion) but I think she's fine.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This horse is a boomerang!

Shyanna is coming back.

I posted about her here, and here, and here.

The owner (Mindy) moved to Idaho and couldn't take her, so she trusted the place where she was boarded to take care of her. We all know what tends to happen when the owner isn't around - the horse gets neglected. Mindy had a friend check in on Shyanna and the report wasn't good. She wasn't being fed. So the friend took Shyanna to his place.

Shyanna tends to be aggressive and dominant, especially with other mares. She seems to do fine with geldings though. But Shyanna kicked the crap out of the friend's horse and she needs to be moved. TODAY!

So Mindy, who happened to be in town, called me and asked if I had room. Well, um, not really, but I guess I could find a place to put her I suppose. So long as I get board money and money for any "extras", like Strategy, to put the weight back on her.

"No problem."

So in an hour or so, Shyanna will come back. Again. This will be her third time being moved here. The first was when we first bought the place. The second was when Bethany needed her moved. And now. Poor horse. I wish someone would just take care of her like she deserves!!

Oh yeah...I guess that would be me.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'll swear! The things that they do to themselves!

Kali came out to the barn while I was feeding and asked, "Mom, what did Bullwinkle do to his back legs? The hair is gone."

I grabbed a halter and the T-Zone Cream and found this...

His back legs are swollen and sore, but he let me doctor the worst of it - just on little place on one leg that shows white goop on the outside of the back right. The rest seems to be just serious rubbing with no blood. The only thing I can think of is that he got his legs through the panels, though "WHY" is a mystery!

The wounds are clean and dry and he should be fine in a day or two. Mike and I moved the panels out of the arena to prevent further stupidity on Bullwinkle's part!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Observation...OK, Now this is just weird!

Kaci is in LOVE with Jazzy. There's no question there! But I saw him do two things today that were just plain weird and I've never seen a horse do either!

First, Jazzy pee'd. After she walked off, Kaci went over and sniffed, pawed a little, turned his nose up, then pee'd over the top of it. I've seen male dogs cover a female's pee, but never a horse.

Then, he was standing in the pasture and pooped. As soon as he was done, he turned around and smelled it, squealed and kicked out with one back foot.

So tell me, is the horse weird? For those who have stallions, have you ever seen either of these behaviors? Is this a "stallion thing" or is Kaci just weird?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Coffee Time!

It was kind of an interesting day yesterday.

I spent most of the morning setting up the excel files for tracking our expenses. Being a "small farm", we depreciate our equipment, and write off feed and supplies, lowering our taxable income and giving up a wee bit of money back! We were able to write-off over $21,000 in expenses this year.

Just before lunch, I turned the horses out on the pasture and started cleaning stalls. Kaci is IN LOVE with Jazzy. He shadowed her every move, not grazing. He positioned himself between the other horses and "His Woman". His posturing at the babies (Frankie and Bullwinkle) was hysterical. I wish I'd had a camera! But I was working so the camera was inside.

Half way through getting the stalls cleaned, the hay guy showed up with hay. We paid $150/ton, plus $1/bales for delivery and stacking. This time I got Teff Grass hay. If you haven't heard of it, you can read about it here.

Jinx doesn't much like it. Neither does Kaci. I suppose if they get hungry enough they'll eat it. They had pretty much cleaned it up by this morning. Spoiled ponies!

Mike dug a hole with the tractor in the arena and we burn a BUNCH of old papers. When we were done, we pretty much filled the hole with water and covered it back up. Then Mike filled in the hole and packed it down.

Around 9:00 last night, Mike realized that we hadn't brought the mail in. So Kali and I walked out and there was a box in my mailbox. It was from Nikki and it had coffee in it! Nikki had talked about it on her blog and I think I had commented. Anyway, Silli Nikki sent me two different kinds to try! THANK YOU NIKKI! We are drinking the French Roast this morning. It's actually pretty good!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pictures of Kaci - Week One

Upon arrival

Week one

Week One

Not a huge improvement. Actually, to my eye, the pictures could have been taken on the same day. He is losing his winter coat like CRAZY and has to wear a blanket at night. He is becoming a little less stand-off-ish, though is not totaly sure he wants to be cuddly.

Kaci is in LOVE with Jazzy. It's pitiful actually... LOL!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kaci's Friend has a FRIEND!!!

Kaci's Friend (Kaci's registered name) has a friend!

Her name is Stacey Romaniuk!! God Bless Stacey!

Stacy brought Kaci home for me, free of charge! Then today in the mail, I got a card with a check for $75 and note to buy Kaci some grub!!!

Thank you very much, Stacey! Your generosity is very much appreciated!

Tomorrow is picture day. Mr. Kaci-Doodle will get his picture taken and I'll post them tomorrow. He is already looking better! Maybe it's the blanketing at night. Or maybe it's having food in front of him...


I found a quote today that speaks volumes, especially in this "business" of rescuing horses.

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” ~Washington Iriving