Sunday, September 9, 2012

SHOW TICKET - Home at last!

Show Ticket was saved from the Enumclaw kill pen in February 2011.  For a little over a year, she has hung out and just been a horse.  No pooping out babies.  No threat of becoming a steak.  No work more strenuous than squealing at the geldings and goofing off in the pasture.

In June 2012, a trainer I know had an opening, so I called Cathy and made a recommendation.  Ticket went to training and for two and half months, went back to work.

She did well and Show Ticket's owner sent her out on trail.  Today, Rachael became Show Ticket's forever mom!  Congrats to all of you!
Show Ticket with one of her new buddies!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Horse Keeperer

My former neighbor once asked me if I was a horse rider or a horse keeper.  I wondered for a moment on the difference.  I'm guessing that a horse keeper keeps horses, but doesn't ride, and that a horse rider does both.

I used to ride A LOT!!! I was fit.  My horse was fit.  Every weekend, I was off to a local barrel race or on a trail ride.  I paid a small fortune in entry fees and fuel, and spent hours in the saddle.  Then my horse developed gate issues.  When I started, I promised her that if it EVER got to the point that she wouldn't go in without use of a bat or whip, I would quit.  I wouldn't make her do something that she obviously didn't want to do or that would fry what was left of her tiny Appy brain.  I never wanted my horse to dislike seeing me coming at her with a halter.

So I quit barrel racing.  I still occasionally ride out, but with all the houses going in where I used to ride, I have to haul somewhere.  And I'm not comfortable hauling out somewhere and riding alone.

I would love to haul somewhere and play with cows or steers.  Not do any cutting or sorting, maybe just run roping steers back or haze for the cutters.  But I don't know anyone with cattle.

Then I started getting more rescue horses in.  Most belonged to someone else.  With them, came the chores - putting up hay, picking up manure, repairing fences, the works.  Also, came less time to ride.  As much as Mike would like to, he will never be able to ride a horse again.  So I have mostly become a horse keeperer, and I'm ok with that.

I have always said that IF I had someone to ride with and IF I had an indoor arena, I would ride more.  Maybe, maybe not.  But I have to tell you, I really enjoy this horse.

Angel says "Can we go already? Or maybe, can I have a cookie?"

Every hoof print on the ground is mirrored on my heart.