Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vet Call

I honestly don't know what happened. I went to the movies with my husband and daughter and went out to feed when we got back home at 4:30. I notice a place on the inside of Classy's leg, just above the hock, that looked like her leg had been scraped. So I went in for a closer look. There is also a scrape on the outside of her leg. Then I noticed more blood than there should have been from the scrapes, pulled her tail aside and saw the wound. I initially thought that perhaps she was in a kicking contest with Thai and lost, but Classy is the alpha mare, and Thai doesn't have a mark on her.

I asked the vet if it could have been a kick and she said "no". So in talking with the vet, it appears that Classy rolled too close to the panels and the pin might have caused the damage. The positioning is about right. It would also explain the scrapes on both the inside and the outside of her leg that are in the same spot. Like she rolled into it, got her leg caught and scraped, then when she tried to get up, the pin caught and rip her open. She's really bruised.

I walked down the arena and the panels. I didn't find any blood or hair anywhere, so I can't tell you EXACTLY what happened. I asked my neighbor and she said she didn't see anything. There's no sign of a struggle. I'm baffled.

I have to tell you though, Classy is a CHAMP! She was so patient and so good! I bought her some applesauce and oatmeal to mix the antibiotic in. Hopefully, she'll see it as a treat. She'll be on B-L Solution for a week or so.

This morning she got her first dose of the antibiotic. Naturally, she thinks I'm trying to poison her. She didn't immediatly eat it, but I'll check back throughout the day to see if she's eaten it after all.

As usual, I can't upload pictures into my blog. I don't know why that it.

Anyway, I've put them here. **GRAPHIC** Be warned

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Nikker said...

Yikes! Sorry for you and Classy! Good luck with the antiboitics, they are so bitter and gross!