Sunday, March 24, 2013


Not a whole lot going on lately, aside from my daughter surprising me with a visit home from Colorado and the birth of my new grand-daughter, Kayl, so I thought I would just post some pictures.

 Angel (Bright-Eyes Angel)


 Biff and Cappy

 Grumpy Biff

 Bullwinkle (Caddis Cool Dorado)
 Bullwinkle and Chiquita
Piper feeling frisky!

 Roger (Roger B Rabbit) - yes, I know his collar is wonky...

Chili (Texas Chili) - yes...his collar is wonky too! 



 Chili - showing some personality and feeling frisky

 Tally (Top Union)

 Jazzy (Leos Jazzy Music) - She is pissed because she can't come out to play)