Friday, March 13, 2009

All trimmed up...

The girls got their feet trimmed today.

They did fine. She's one of those that has been there and done that and stood quietly. They are both a little slipper-footed and their heels are a little run under, but their feet weren't really all that long. Just funky shaped.

I started both girls on beet pulp and packer pellets. It's Thai has lost a little weight and Classy hasn't quite gained enough. So I'm going to add the soaked mush to their Strategy.

Around the place everybody is now shedding. I didn't think they ever would, which meant that Spring was never coming. It's supposed to be up around 50 tomorrow and with a little luck, I can wash butts and tails.

EVERYONE needs a beauty parlor day! They all need clipped and brushed. Anyone want to come help??

Barb? Cathy? Nikki? Mary? Anyone? I've got 5 horses here with poop glued in their tails and schmag on their butts.....

c' KNOW you WANT to....

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