Friday, September 24, 2010

Millie REALLY Goes To School!! And is doing well!

I drove down and visited Millie today. My visit was to check on her, put some sand in her pen (cuz there were low spots and I didn't want her standing in muck and mud), and to get picks of her under saddle. I took a bozillion pictures with my cell phone, but my phone battery is failing and over-heating. So this was all I was able to get off the far...

The scary part is YES!...that is ME on Millie!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So...You think they're starving? They think so!

Mya and Lucy - Mya made a lot of noise, but the two are well matched and always together.

Kaci - He looks a little thin to me...

Jazzy - The Buttless Wonder - always starving

Bullwinkle - He's a big boy!

He wouldn't leave me alone so I could get a decent picture. I suppose I shouldn't complain... it could be worse...

Texas Chili!

My sweet Angel

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My friend Mindy came over to help me do some chores and replace the post that Angel broke yesterday (be sure to keep reading after this post...I put up pics). Before we got started, I turned Mya and Lucy out together to see if they'd get along ok. There was a lot of squealing on Mya's part, but for the most part, they got along fine.

While Mindy and I were digging up the post, I heard squealing and then the zipping sound of the fence being torn down. I looked up toward the back fence and saw where Lucy and Mya had been nosing the TB mare across the fence. Apparently, Mya had struck out and got her leg through one of the tapes of the fence. She is very respectful of the electric fence, and even though it was off, she reacted as if it were on.

The tape was still around her leg as she galloped off toward the barn. I had closed the gate, locking them out on pasture so I could clean the barn without the horses bugging me or getting in the way. Mya tried to stop, slid, then jumped into the gate. This probably saved her from breaking her neck, but it totally ruined the gate. Once again, I dodged the "vet bullet". There was only a little hair missing on the outside of one leg.

Mindy, checking out the damage. Yup... it's a total loss.

You can see the downed tape still laying in the pasture. We had to fix that too...

RAIN?!? We don't get RAIN here!!

Well, apparently this weekend, we're getting rain. We were awakened by thunderstorms Friday morning at 2 am. We got a little over-night Saturday, then woke to rain this morning.

Now... someone explain to me just how THIS happened?

Angel and Mya were goofing around and I found this. The sprinkler is intact. There aren't a lot of skid marks, though there are some hoof prints on the wrong side of the fence. Angel has a bruise the size of my palm on the point of her shoulder with a piece of skin the size of a quarter missing. On the front of her stifle, there's some hair missing, but not a lot of swelling. Not a mark on Mya. I can't figure it out... guess I get to replace the post today.

Friday, September 10, 2010


That mean I was finally able to take pictures of the living room. (I'll bore you with crappy pictures of the horses either tomorrow or Sunday)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Been crazy busy, but lots of updates!

I still can't find the charger for the battery in my camera, so I still don't have pictures of the living room all put back together! It's lovely though!

On Friday, Sept 4, we picked up Mya, a 17 yr old registered Trakehner mare. She's bay, with a darling face, and wee bit of white on her forehead. All I've got are crappy cell pics, but they'll have to do.

She supposedly has been shown English and dressage. I'm going to have the vet take a look at her, because she looks pregnant to me. I'm hoping for "just fat"! Once we get the "just fat" diagnosis, I'm going to take her to an english/dressage trainer to assess what she knows. So far though, she has settled in, learned the routine, and has been very friendly.

Mike's son, Matt, drove from Alabama to stay with us while he looks for a job. He arrived Tuesday morning at 5:30. So far, so good. Apparently, his impending arrival was the reason for Mike's less than spetacular explosion at the news that another horse would be joining our personal herd. Even if the mare only cost me the amount of fuel, meals, time, and one night on a crappy hotel mattress.

We spent two days last weekend helping Mindy, Shyanna's mom, at her new place. The previous tenants were less than adequate when it came to yard/pasture maintenance, and it was a much bigger job than Mindy could handle on her own. So we built a fence, trimmed back trees, removed the brush from the pasture, repaired irrigation lines and sprinklers, filled in small holes, repair gates and, laid in two ton of hay. Sonny and Shyanna, who are horrible mothered-up, are now over at Mindy's and SHE can deal with them. (They really aren't that bad, but I expected drama from Sonny if Shyanna left without him.)

This weekend, we get to fix a sprinkler of our own, thank you very much Chili! We also need to finish picking up the poop and repair fences - thank you Bullwinkle, Sonny, and Kaci for your drama!

On Saturday, we are going back to Mindy's to fix the sprinkler that Shyanna broke, and we're taking the tractor to fill in the pits that are on the other part of the pasture. Mike might ever use the tractor to dig up some of the Dutch Elm tree suckers that are here and there. Mindy has already a nice sandy area that used to be an arena. If we can change the fencing a little bit, she might be able to section it off again, although she prefers trail riding instead of riding in a circle. Can't say that I blame her.

I'm sure there is a TON more than I've done in the past two weeks, but I can't think of it now. Guess it wasn't important...

Have a great weekend and hug your horses!