Saturday, March 21, 2009

From a beautiful Spring day to...

Well I don't know what this is. It rained this morning, enough to make things wet.

I waited until things had dried out a little, then I cleared out the flower bed. Under the old, dead stuff, there is new growth. YAHOO! SPRING IS COMING!!!

I turned the horses out on the pasture, which is FINALLY starting to green up. It must be all the rain, seeing how the irrigation hasn't been turned on yet. I figured I do some thorough cleaning of the stalls and runs.

I had just finished loading the second trailer load and it started raining again.

Not sprinkling. RAINING.

So I pulled the trailer into the barn, re-strung the tapes, and let the horses in. I didn't even get the trailer unloaded. Just pulled it into the barn. Perhaps tomorrow, it won't rain and I'll be able to finish.

Thai has decided that she likes the Necessity supplement after all. Silly girl...

A friend from High School called out of the blue last night and said she had free tickets to the hockey game and asked if I'd like to go. Well of COURSE!!! Claudine is one of those very rare "Lifers" - a friend that you know will always be a friend even if it's months or years since you last spoke.

When I came home, Dobbs and Thai were standing together, facing each other, cheek to cheek. They are so cuddly with each other, I've never seen either one of them lay their ears back, even at feeding time.

Nikki - Thank you again for helping Thai! I really appreciate it! Please Thank Chad for me also! I hope your baby gets better soon. I can't even imagine - a bay on stall rest. GAH! I don't know your budget, but there is an AMAZING place just south of me that does reahabilitation and have a pool for swimming to recondition. They do an amazing job and I personally recommend them.

Hug your horses and give them kisses! Time is shorter than you realize. Don't miss the opportunity to give a gentle pat or a soothing scratch.

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Nikker said...

Please e-mail me the details! We will be seeing the vet in a week or so and formulating a plan for her...I am not sure what my budget is either, but I desperately want to ride this filly someday! (I will keep her forever reguardless.) Other than lacking good sence (babies!!) she is an athlete and pretty fancy! It would be a shame not to get to show her off! LOL!!
Again Chad and I are happy to help out!!