Saturday, March 28, 2009


That would be Classy! What a ROCK STAR!!!

I made arrangements earlier in the week to haul 20 miles to a friend's house to use her barn, stocks, and hot water to wash Classy's butt and tail. She walked right into the trailer and hauled fine. She stepped out daintily when we got there.

She was a little unsure about going into the barn, but after a minute or two, walked in. She walked right into the stocks and stood quietly for the two hours it took me to wash her butt and tail. She got a little bored toward the end but all she did was bob her head. She is all clean bottomed now! Her tail is finally CLEAN, braided and wrapped.

She DID NOT want to get back into the trailer to come home and it took three of us to get her loaded. But once in, she hauled fine and seemed relieved to be back home. She ran up and down the run, bucking and farting, with Jazzy. She is shedding like CRAZY!!!

Millie and Dobbs are now playing kissy-face in the arena out in the rain. I had Millie for sale, but after watching her move, I've changed my mind. She's a fit and trim little hard body that move naturally off her hind end. So, she stays. You ought to see this filly move! Poetry in motion.

Very special thank you to Becky McDougall of Benton City, WA for letting me use your barn and hot water, and for holding the bucket while I washed Classy's tail! Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated!


Barb Ollivier said...

Glad Dobbs and Millie are buddies now. Chester let her eat his grain when I had them together. I guess it was a big brother thing?? ha!! I have always thought Millie was athletic... I hope she does very well for you!! I will be your biggest fan!

Karen V said...

You'll be able to cheer me on only if I don't get so frustrated that I decide to shoot her... Mike LOVES her!

I don't even bother separating the hay anymore.