Monday, March 16, 2009

Bratty 2 year old, “Old” Love, and an Update on Classy

The Bratty 2 yr old – aka Meritable Millie, aka Millie the Filly, aka God Damn Horse! I really shouldn’t complain because she really is a nice filly. She’s friendly, and cuddly, wants to know what you’re doing, wants to help, want to cuddle and snuggle and sit in your lap. The problem is she wants to sit in your lap NOW!! She’ll trot up on you, invade your space, and climb into your lap whether you have one or not. For the last week, she’s also taken to pooping in her corner grain feeder. So I moved her to the back of the barn, thinking “HA!!! No corner feeder to poop in! That’ll fix you! Bwuahahaaahahaaa!”

So she pooped in her water tub. *sigh* Babies!

“Old” Love – I switched out Dobbs and Classy today. I wanted Classy in the barn and I needed to move someone (of the “horse” persuasion) out with Thai who wouldn’t bully her too badly. Enter Dobbs – distinguished gentleman and ladies man extraordinaire. I turned them out together while I worked on Classy (update below). There was no squealing, striking, posturing of any kind. Just a little nose sniffing and curtsey (read: I’m-coming-into-heat-cuz-you’re-such-a-handsome-MAN!) from Thai. When I left to go back to work, they were nose-to-nose, cleaning up the leftovers from Classy breakfast.

Update on Classy – I spent over an hour washing her legs and getting the shmaggy goop (dried blood) off the back and inside of her legs. She has four scrape marks on and around her left hock and its swollen and tender. One is on the outside. Two are in front. And the last one is on the inside above the swelling. These are minor scrapes, mostly just missing hair, but because of the swelling, I believe that she must have really struggled and banged the heck out of her leg. Her ankle is also swollen, but I didn’t find any scrapes, so it must just be bruising. That would explain the “real” wound. If she wasn’t panicked, she probably wouldn’t have caught herself on the pin and ripped open her hind end. The wound on her behind is oozy, which is what we figured would happen. I rubbed on some Vaseline this afternoon to keep the gunk from crusting up her legs. Since moving her to the barn, she is moving around more, which is good for her. It’ll keep her leg from stiffening up. She doesn’t particularly care for the feed through antibiotic, but she IS eating it. I’ve figured out if I give her the Medicine Mush (that’s a technical term, by the way), then feed everyone else, she’s hungry enough to suffer through it. Then she get the rest of her grain with the B-L Solution.

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