Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first love...


There was a barrel race up at the TRAC today. Two actually - it was a double header. I didn't enter, because I haven't ridden Angel since October.

But I hauled her up there and rode around for two hours. A little trotting, a little loping, and a whole lot of walking.

It was warm in the morning, then it was like a cold front moved in, the wind changed to out of the north, and I got COLD! Angel got WARM! Poor out-of-shape darling!

Anyway, she did fine, though she was sort of spooky ever time we rode past the teeny tiny pile of sand in the warm-up pen. But then she's always goofy, more so when she's fresh!

I was surprised that people who know me and know her actually came up and asked if Angel has been on a diet and that she looks good! Angel HAS been on a diet, but I didn't think that she'd been making any progress.

All in all, despite the cold, I enjoyed myself and the time with my horse.

Some days are just good days. 'nuff said!

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moosefied said...

Glad to hear you are getting in some fun with your horses!

Winter really will be over some time!