Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm sure I've said many times that Dobbs is an old "gentleman", kind to the ladies, shares his hay, etc. Right? Remember?

I pull Thai out because she's lost a little weight. I think that's because Dobbs bolts his grain, and she doesn't. He's maintained. I wanted to give her more focus and get her weight back up without competition. So I pull Thai and switched her out with Millie. I figured Dobbs might "boss" her a little, put her in her place.

So I switched them out, and fed. Dobbs was running Millie off when I returned with their hay. I checked on them a couple times. Dobbs was watching Millie, and Millie was DEFINITELY watching Dobbs. But things seemed to settle down so I went into the house.

Then the thundering started. I got up and looked out the window.

Dobbs was running Millie around the arena, ears pinned, teeth bared. It wasn't a "run off". He didn't let up AT ALL. He was after her like a rabid dog! All I could see was my filly having a wreck and breaking a leg.

So I grabbed a halter and went out to catch Dobbs. He was so intent on running Millie, that he ignored me. Something he NEVER does. I finally got the halter on him and while I was tying him, he went after her again.

I finally got him tied on the far side of the arena and set the panels back up to make a pen. Getting him in the pen was a challenge, because Millie was so traumatized, she wanted to sit in my lap. I had to get the buggy whip and run her off.

When Dobbs was finally locked up in the pen, I went to barn and fetched some baling tie the panels together. I doubt that he'd try to get out, but just in case. After all, Thai was an escape artist...she managed to get the panels down more than once.


On a different note....

I bought some supplies to clean Classy's butt on Saturday. Becky has offered the use of her barn with stocks and hot water. I'm going to do a thorough cleaning on Little Miss Classy Pants!

My son left this evening for Spokane. Tomorrow he'll have his physical and take the ASVAB. I think I finally figured out why I'm so unsettled... I haven't yet seen him as a "man". I still see him as "my boy". *sigh - when did he grow up?*


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Maybe Miss Millie said something bratty? Maybe Millie was calling him "Gramps"? You never know what those kids are going to say or do when you aren't looking...

Karen V said...

I turned Dobbs back out after I got home from work. So far, he's pinning his ears and making faces at her, but not running her all over like he was. I just was afraid she'd get hurt in the night.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. My old dog tolerates pups really well. She's just not so keen on the girls when they grow up and hit sexual maturity. She'll get a little toothy looking with them then. Maybe Dobbs just doesn't like babies and he'll tolerate her better when she's a big girl.