Thursday, July 3, 2014


Well, so now it's July and once again I find myself catching up on events...

Our house is for sale.  There is some interest but those interested also have a house to sell.  So we wait.  That isn't a bad thing because A) we haven't found a new place on the west side, and B) My job got extended through October.  So that is working out.

I found a lump on my neck, just below my thyroid.  It turns out that it is just a cyst, so good news there.

Shortcake has been delivered to Western Washington where she is hanging out until she is either adopted, or catches a ride back to California.

Cabo is a former polo pony and though sound, he has become unpredictable under saddle so has been retired.  He has taken Shortcake's spot at the farm and has become buddies with Cappy.  Here the two of them are seeking shade from the sun.
Cappy's tail is very sparse, so he has "extensions" of donor hair taken from Friday, Chiquita, and Piper.

Below is Monty.  He is also a relatively new arrival.  Sound and sane, just started stumbling, so he was retired.

Below is Zippin Friday.  Still hobbling around with her bum knee, but otherwise happy and healthy!

Below is my Angel.  Starving as usual.

Piper is sweet and friendly but not very excited to be locked off the pasture for the day.  I think she'll survive.

Texas Chili is definitely NOT happy about being separated from Piper!

 Chiquita in her pen, recovering from a night out... on the pasture.

Bullwinkle is also recovering from a night out.  He returned from training on June 14th.