Friday, November 29, 2013


See the horse in the back in the red blanket?
That's Charlie, my neighbor's horse.
I didn't even see him until I went back there to feed Friday.
(Yes, I'm THAT observant!)

Believe it or not, this fence is actually green!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Donating and Reputable Charities

Do you donate to charities?  Mike and I do.  We have a list that we donate to.  So I wanted to talk to you from the OTHER side, not as someone who actually HAS a charity, but as someone sitting here having random thoughts.

I'm only going to address horse charities, because as you know, I'm a Horse Keeper.  I used to ride and barrel race on occasion, but lately, I just feed and pick up after horses. 

Did you know that charities are THRILLED to have ANY donations?  Seriously! I'm talking about picking your 5 favorite charities and donate $10 per month to each one.  That's $50 a month.  Don't have that much free cash?  OK, how about $5 to each charity?  That's $25 per month.  I KNOW you have THAT much! NO? You don't?  How about skip one trip to Starbucks each week?  I don't know what YOUR favorite coffee drink costs, but mine cost $6.25.  What do you know... there's $25 every four weeks!!!

Now, you might say "How much of a difference with $5 dollars make?"  Well, as an example, I have 180 friends on Facebook.  If every one of my friends gave $5.00 to one charity every month, that is $900 per month!  It adds up FAST!

I've heard people say more than once "They don't need my donation.  They're getting enough."  Really?  Most friends that I know that operate rescues make up for lack of donations out of their own paycheck!  They go without extras so the horses that they are responsible for can eat and get their feet trimmed or see the vet.  One friend I know slept over an old milking parlor (yeah, the cow kind) in a room without a window or heat, and ate ramen noodles, or some days nothing at all, so that she could pay board for horses she had personally rescued.  And she didn't do this for a month, she did it for several YEARS!!!

Many of the rescuers that I know don't only rescue horses, they rescue many different types of animals... llamas, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and on and on.

So now I'll get off my soap box and give you a list of some rescues that I know do good work.  They step in, step up, retrain, rehome, and adopt out horses with a contract, and follow up.  I do hope that you will consider "adopting" one or more of these rescues or becoming a monthly sponsor. They are ALL excellent, have a great reputation, and do great things for horses in need!

Save A Forgotten Equine (S.A.F.E.) - Mission:  To make a difference in the lives of forgotten and at-risk equines through direct intervention, education, and community outreach; to stress the importance of owner responsibility; and to operate at the highest level of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and compassion.

The Exceller Fund - Dedicated to the dignified retirement of Thoroughbred race horses.

Polo Pony Rescue - Mission:  Polo Pony Rescue, Inc. rescues slaughter-bound and otherwise at risk equines including, but not exclusively limited to, former polo ponies, and provides rehabilitation, retraining, and placement, where indicated, or retirement. Polo Pony Rescue, Inc. also seeks to educate others on proper care, humane treatment and training of horses and responsible breeding practices in order to decrease the number of at-risk horses.

The Golden Carrot - Mission: The Golden Carrot is a 'last stop' sanctuary for older and managably disabled horses. The horses are not available for adoption, due to their age and infirmities. But they still enjoy visitors, and many are suitable for light riding here at the property. Since TGC doesn't adopt horses out, we don't get adoption fees - we depend on the public to support our effort to reward these deserving equines for a lifetime of service, with a few golden years of retirement before the natural end of their lives arrives. Visitors are welcome!

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs - About:  Throughout the last several years, SMM has been instrumental in developing owner assistance programs, founding the Oregon Hay Bank, sponsoring equine health fairs, educational opportunities for law enforcement, and we were active in the successful passage of a law that made equine abandonment a crime in our state. We continue to work with wonderful organizations such as the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and the Oregon Animal Control Council (OACC) to pass the first Aggravated Neglect statute, making repeat offenders and crimes of neglect in the presence of a child a felony offense.
Our successful rehabilitation program is unsurpassed and we are supported by our local veterinarians, law enforcement and district attorney's office. Together, we are working to end equine abuse and neglect within our community.

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue - Mission: Dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter for human consumption. We also assist in cases of equine neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue   - Mission:  All of our horses are rescued from auctions where we are their last chance before being sold to slaughter. Our horses are chosen for their temperament, soundness, and usability. Once safely home, all horses are quarantined for a minimum of 21 days, during which we ride them extensively. All of our horses are thoroughly evaluated to aid in the best possible match for horse and rider. A successful partnership creates a bond of trust and friendship for both horse and rider, and it is our goal to find that match for every horse we save.

Below are pictures of rescue owned horses here at Vermillion Acres.