Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thunder, Lightning, and Horse Poop!

Yes, we actually had rolling thunder at the house today. And rain. And lightning. And of course, horse poop!

I had to stop for 20 minutes and wait out the passing thunder cloud, I finally got all the runs cleaned. After dumping it out in the arena, I moved Dobbs and Thai to the pasture for some grass time (what little there is) and pulled a panel behind the Escape. It looks so much better out there, all nice and smooth!

My plan HAD been to pickup the manure pile, which consisted of maybe two trailer loads of poop from MY barn, but my neighbor had a couple boys who work for her come over and clean her pasture. They dumped in on the poop pile.

See, we separate the "clean" poop, and the waste hay. Actually, she's the only one who has waste hay. But we usually spread the manure in the arena and a couple times a year, rent a tractor with a rototiller and turn it under. When there were no horse living in the arena full time, the boys would dump the manure in there. Today, they dumped it on my poop pile.

So, "Why", do you asked, "are you complaining?" Well for one thing, they boys just dump it. They are neat about it. They don't even try to pile it. Just dump it wherever. And that irritates me to no end. And the other reason is that she PAYS them to pick it up. She doesn't pay ME to pick it up. So now I have MY manure, and HER manure. It's a LOT of manual labor and it irritates the crap out of me! RAWR! now, before we can turn the arena under, we have to borrow our other neighbor's tractor with a front loader, and his manure spreader, to pick up all the frickin' poop and spread it.

Did I mention that I'm irritated?

BUT!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel. My neighbor,(yeah, THAT one) told me that she bought property in Arizona and is moving next fall. She'll be renting her house out here, in case she doesn't like it and wants to move back. Hopefully whoever rents the place, won't allow 2 years of waste hay to build up at the back of the property, 20 feet from OUR barn.

And since I'm already irritated, let me share this also... I love MY horses. I don't love YOUR horses. I like them, but I don't LOVE them...

*end rant* I'm off to find something to de-irritate me!


Drsgjunky said...


Think tractor. You will never regret it. I don't. It's a life saver.

Actually, if I lived there I'd be more than happy to come get those poop piles your building. Given a few months of good treatment, it makes great pasture fertilizer(another use for a tractor).

Do me a favor.. Send us some decent weather over here. It's been in the 30's-40's all month and it's rained everyday but 4 this month. The outlook is the same the rest of the month.

I'm thinking this is my last year here. I want some place I can ADD water if I want. That's not possible here.

Oh.... Your neighbor will be back. It's WAY hotter in AZ. She'll be back when she gets her first utility bill (for AC).

Karen V said...

I would LOVE to get a tractor! I'd like one with a front loader, and a PTO for a rototiller. I'd get a scraper blade so I could back into the stalls and just scrape it out.

We looked at a litle bitty on that had lawn tires and an adjustable mower deck that raised to 22 inches. It was little, but had a tighter turning radius and we could mow the pasture without tearing it up.

As for the neighbor, money is not a problem for least to hear HER talk. She told me the other day "When my checking account gets over $100,000, I just goopen another account somewhere." However, she won't spend $300 to have the hay pile hauled off. Hmmm...

Drsgjunky said...

If you have tight places and want to use a box-scrapper, a small tractor isn't a bad thing. I would just make sure you get it with 4wd. It makes a huge difference in what you can do. Good in snow as well.

If your neighbor needs to open another account from the annoyance of having another $100,000 in the bank, I'll be happy to supply her with an account number. What does she do? People here that have that kind of money have a few Warmbloods to spend it on.

BTW... Your next door neighbor lowered their price.

Send sunshine.