Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever been so tired, and sweaty, and dirty that your toenails hurt? I didn't think it was possible but after today, let me tell ya... it's possible.

The farrier came this morning, as you know. Mike spent the rest of the morning moving the manure pile to the arena while I cleaned the barn. Bullwinkle has decided to use his hay for bedding, so I cleaned that up and cleaned up the dropped hay in the aisle of the barn.

I came in and made lunch, then I rototilled the arena, ran the drag around to smooth it out, and took care of the pm feeding. Whoopee, right? LOL! Turns out my toenails are too long and my shoes were too short. I tell ya though... that shower felt awesome!

Beau is walking much better. He's still guarded, but MUCH better. Turns out that the think on his bum isn't new and isn't growing. He's had it for a while and it's just on the skin, not attached to the muscle. I talked with the ex-wife and daughter of the former owner. The daughter remembers the spot. The mom commented that Beau has gained weight and looks much better. SO... I must be doing something right. Oh! Also, there is some "new meat" on the inside of his back legs. I'll try too get a picture tomorrow, I'm just too tired tonight.

Beau actually pinned his ears and took a run at Squirrel this afternoon. Then they touched noses and squealed. He must be feeling better.

So, from here forward, aside from the obvious need for weight gain, my concern is his foot. Or should I say feet.

Special Thank You to Seth Thompson, Beau's farrier. He charged me about 1/2 the normal fee for Beau, AND was late for his next appointment so he could help Mike and I smoosh in the epoxy and tape Beau's foot. I know he doesn't read this blog, but Thank You Seth! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

One more thing... Beau's front feet are two different sizes. Don't know if this is "standard" for Beau, or just for now.

Fancy Foot Work

The farrier came out this morning and took his time with Beau. He was "barely" able to get a shoe on that front left, Beau just doesn't have much hoof wall there. We got a two-part epoxy to try to fill in the gap between his shoes, sole, and wall. This will help seal the hole, and it will hopefully provide some support. The problem is, we didn't have quite enough. But it'll do for now. If we have to re-do it, we will. The farrier said that he noticed that Beau is a LOT more stable on three legs than he was a week ago, and that he looks a lot better too.

Putting in the Epoxy

The picture is blurry, but you can still make out the gap that didn't quite get filled in.

This is heavy duty, super sticky tape! And so begins the wrapping process.

The finished product.

Some more body shots.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Body Shots... NOT what you're thinking...

Beau got a bath and he's wet in the photos. I imagine that because of that the depth perception and his actual condition are skewed. But you can imagine what he will look like in just a few months. He still needs a LOT of weight on his topline and hindend - hips and legs. His tail got braided, the mud got washed off his back WITH SOAP, AND...I taped him. He's 14 hands, give or take. He's eaten 160 punds of feed in 9 days, almost 20 pounds a day. He started the feed through daily wormer, and will start the probiotic when it gets here.

Studiously ignoring "His Woman"

Throwing a snarl in Squirrel's general direct.

The Spot

Anyone know what this is?

My finger for reference

Body shots coming...

Friday, August 28, 2009


A HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU from me and Beau, for your generosity and your willingness to help with the astonomical expenses! The words just don't express my gratitude!!

Paradigm Farm (Melissa and Jason Webb), Nikki Wyatt, Bill, Denise, and Chelsea (aka Demon Seed) Zuidmeer, Jean Bunch, Debbie Roberts, and Sport Pony Magazine (Canada! Yes - It was enough!)

A total of $343 has been donated so far toward feed, farrier and vet costs.

Here's what I've spent so far:

Hay Pellets - 3 bags $37.33
Senior Feed - 1 bag $18.40
Farrier - trim $35.00
Fastrack Supplement $57.00
Senior Feed - 2 bags $38.97
Total $186.70

That leaves $156.30 for the work to be done on Sunday. Depending on how much the work costs, I'm going to start saving up for the vet bill, which I'm sure will make me choke.

I want to pull a blood panel, xray his feet, and float his teeth as a minimum. He's got a spot on his back leg, in the hollow below his hip, that needs looked at. You can see it in some of the photos... it shows up as a white spot. It's about the size of a dime, raised from the skin, but flat-topped. I'll try to get a close-up tomorrow.

Just a short note...

The farrier will be here Sunday morning at 7:30. We're going to talk about options for Beau's front feet - yes, both of them. Don't want him walking around like he's got a slipper on one foot and a pump on the other.

Beau was a drinking fool today. He drank more since this morning than I've ever seen him drink. AND, he's been working on the salt lick. (Hence, the drinking)

Tomorrow is picture day!'s supposed to rain, AND, he needs a bath to get the mud washed off his back first.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beau shows me some of his personality

Just noticing some stuff...

Last night, as I was working some of the muck loose from his back, Angel was standing nearby watching. On the other side of her, Squirrel walk past and into the barn. Cute, sweet little Beau, who was about 20 feet away from Squirrel, pinned his ears and snarled at her. Protecting his "woman".

Tonight I thought I'd turn Angel out on pasture for a little while. The "little while" was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. Beau dang near lost his mind. Hobbling up and down as fast as his sore little feet and emaciated body could carry him, roaring, squealing, carrying on. I had to run Angel back into her pen. (BTW - we could have won the Bribe Your Horse class at the SAFE Show! That girl is a total cookie monster!)

Then I turned the sprinklers on in the arena. The girls, Jazzy and Jinx, are getting wet and not liking it one little bit. But the arena is so dry and dusty, they've both got a little cough.

I need your thoughts - what do you think about me asking the farrier to put a shoe on Beau's ouchy front foot backwards? I've been pondering it, thinking that it might help him. Or maybe the right way with a pad so he's not right on the sole of his hoof.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Silly Beau-y

Beau is eating more aggressively – diving into his senior feed and finishing almost all his hay pellets. His total feed for the day is 20 pounds of Purina Equine Senior and 12 pounds of orchard grass hay pellets. (I finally hauled the bathroom scale out to the barn and actually weighed it.) He has become very vocal at feeding time, and knows which gate to stand at for the begging!

He was a brave little man this morning when I put the flymask on from the off side. He wasn’t quite sure what I was doing to him, but he tolerated it nicely, pulling away only once to stuff some more in his mouth.

He does NOT have rainrot! YEA!!! It seems to only be an accumulation of dirt and dander from lack of grooming. After I brushed it out the other day, I put M-T-G on him. It’s oily and loosened the dirt and gunk, and lifted it to the surface. I took the stripping wand and pulled off the grimy, little mud balls off his back. Some hair came with it, but he looks better already. He does have a few little sores along his spine, but other than having bald patches, there’s no oozing sores.

I had to giggle at him last night. He was drinking and instead of pursing his lips like most horses, he used his upper lip and his tongue like a foal would. So cute!

He is totally mothered up with Angel, who, aside for tossing him an occasional pissy look, seems to be tolerating his presence. She is no longer charging the fence or baring her teeth at him.

He will be getting the top of his tail braided tonight. He’s pulling tail hairs into his sphincter when he poops. (Icky, I know) So, I’ll be braiding his tail for him so this won’t happen anymore.

He is looking a TON better, but you’ll have to wait until Saturday for new pictures!

I spoke with the wife of the former owner this afternoon. She admitted EXACTLY what Fugly always preaches about... CHECK UP ON YOUR HORSE!!! Beau was her daughter's horse, and the daughter now lives in the Seattle area. She is coming to Pasco to gather some more things, and to say a last goodbye to Beau. I told the mother that to see Beau in this condition would probably break her heart, BUT she needed to see what her father had done to her horse.

Beau's age is also in question and the subject of much debate between the people who knew him. His age is currently between 20 and 28 years old. Maybe the vet will be able to give me a better estimate.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beau is still with us...

8:00 pm UPDATE - I just spent the last 1/2 hour working on the crud on Beau's back. There are some scabs, but it doesn't look like its rainrot after all. It's like dirt and dander and sweat was caught against the skin and just caked there from lack of grooming. It brushed off pretty easily, and he enjoyed the "scrubbing" with the rubber-nubby thing. He got the whole camel neck thing, lip all stuck out, it was hilarious. He has some bald patches, but he'll be fine.

I heard loud tummy grumblies, which is a good sign. He ate all of his 6 pounds of Senior Feed, and some of his hay pellets. I gave him a couple cookies to see if he could chew them, and he did with some effort. So, I know he has SOME back teeth, just not sure of the condition. It'll be at least a month before he's strong enough to survive the sedation.

He is the sweetest little dude!

Beau is still eating very well. He was a nickering fool this morning when I took his breakfast in. He’s still a little confused about the bucket coming in and getting dumped into the feeder and me taking it away. He wants to follow the bucket. So I stand at the feeder and pat the side until he sticks his nose in and starts eating.

He’s currently getting 6 pounds of Purina Equine Senior and 18 pounds (give or take) of the orchard grass pellets. He snarfs the Equine Senior, cleaning up every crumb. He ate most of the hay pellets yesterday – all except for maybe a pound total.

He hasn’t pooped as much as I think he should, so I called the vet and chatted about maybe giving him an enema. She said if he’s pooping ANY, to leave him be, that he was probably digesting most of it anyway. She suggested adding a little table salt to his grain to encourage him to drink more. I have seen him at the salt like, but not a whole lot, and he didn’t drink much over-night. She said when he quits eating to give her a call.

I’m going to wait until this weekend to get a daily dewormer. While he seems strong, I don’t think he’s totally out of the woods yet, so I don’t want to buy a bunch of supplements just yet, even though I’m anxious to get started on the dewormer. He does pretty good moving around, though he’s sore on the front left foot.

By the way, not sure if I shared this already or not, but the farrier doesn’t believe he was on irrigated pasture for very long. His feet were dry and tough! Also, he said he probably hasn’t been trimmed in about 2 years.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beau 8-23-09

So tell me if YOU see it... It appears to me that Beau has put on a little weight.

Beau adores Angel. Every time she moves, he nickers to her and looks after her. If he looks in her general direction, she pins her ears and/or bares her teeth. She doesn't want anything to do with him.

I just got lucky...

I got a couple good shots of Angel and Bullwinkle. Just lucky cuz my shots usually SUCK!!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hoof Trimming

The farrier came today and trimmed Beau. He did as much as he could without totally laming the horse. The back feet weren't too awful, though with the muscle wasting, Beau was VERY stiff in the hips and though he was very good, it obviously hurt him to have his leg lifted. The farrier did as much as he could on one knee. We did put some coppertox on both back feet, and in the separation of the hoof wall on the front left. Seth (our farrier) said he didn't believe that Beau has been out on irrigated pasture. He said the hooves were very dry and tough...not mushy pasture feet. We'll keep a very close eye on his feet and rasp as needed. Since Beau is so emaciated, most of his new nutrition will go to build weight and not so much nourish the feet. That wil come in time.

Front Right - See the yellowish spot in the center on the bottom? The farrier is afraid this might be the coffin bone. X-rays would confirm whether or not that's the case. Beau is walking soundly on this foot.

Front Left - You can see where the front of the hoof wall is separating from the hoof. The farrier says that to him this indicates that Beau had foundered badly in the past. Hard to imagine him every being fat enough to founder. We'll eventually get X-Rays to verify any rotation. Beau is now gimpy on this foot.

Front Feet Before

Front Feet After

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beau - In the light of day

Some more pics from today.

Not much of a bum, is there?

Beau - A wee more info

Just to be clear, this was not Lacey's horse. She brought him to me. THANK YOU Lacey!

Beau DID belong to someone she knows, and though she knew he was thin, from the road, he didn't look that bad. When he came up to her today, she was appauled.

The previous owner (We'll call him "POS" cuz we don't know his name) had stopped taking care of Beau and figured that being out on pasture was "enough". He had a TON of grass, just no teeth with which to chew.

Apparently the neighbors HAD called the Sheriff, who'd been out twice. POS had stalled, stating someone was taking him. I STILL think POS should be arrested for this.

Beau, is early to mid-twenty something, CUTE!, has a VERY kind eye, and was a kid's horse. By kid's horse, I mean 4-H, gymkhana, games, trails, the works. Put him in a hackamore and off you go, no worries.

The dark hair on his back was the T-Cleanse that I poured on him right when he got here. It appears that he has a lovely case of rainrot from standing in the sprinklers. It's crusty, scabby, and very tender.

When I told Mike about this guy coming, he said he was throwing me out. I asked Cathy if me, 8 horses, 2 dogs, and 2 cats could go stay with her. She just laughed at me. (I was about half serious!) (By the way - He was just kidding. Once he saw Beau and the condition he was in, his whole demeanor changed. He is very upset by this.)

Once Beau arrived, you could hear the steam building. I believe my mild-mannered husband actually said "What the F*ck?"

The cost of pellets and Senior feed are going to kill me. As much as I hate to beg or ask for help, if you can spare ANYTHING it would be very much appreciated.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beau - The New Project

I said "Yes" when Lacey called me and said there was a skinny Morgan/Arab gelding, early to mid-twenties, free, needed help.

I had no idea the horse would be THIS bad! I'm gonna need help. Poor guy has no back teeth and has to eat hay pellets. I'll post more as I know more.

Front Feet

Look at this face!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And then...There's Bullwinkle!

Hairy little monster!

Well, not really "little". And not really "monster".

More like obnoxious baby! What did I expect from a yearling? Perfect behavior?

Yeah, I guess I did. I'm so spoiled! Since he got here, he's been a darling angel! Only recently did he start acting naughty. His crime?

Taking down the electric tape. ALL OF IT!! All the tapes between him and Millie and Honey. Squirrel is on the other side and she set him straight right away. She wasn't having any of his mischief!

Millie like to play, and Honey is very tolerant.

For the third day in a row, I've put fences back together, am and pm. I tried soaking the grounding rods - three of them anyway. I have NO CLUE where the fourth one is. Buried somewhere...

I made sure there weren't any tapes down in the pasture, grounding the fence out and lessening the jolt. I made sure it was plugged in. I made sure it was turned on. Still... the tapes came down.

Then I check the charger. Hmmm... no clicking. Yep, the switch was on. Yep, it was plugged in.

Oh wait... the GFCI was tripped. DOH!! The charger now clicks. We'll see if I have to put up tapes tomorrow morning.

As an update on general health - hard so say. He looks like a mutant. SO butt-high, scrawny (except for the butt), funky-giraffe looking mutant. Growing AGAIN. UGH!! He likes to sleep in the poop. Wierd, icky poo spots all over him. I keep reminding myself that eventually, he will actually LOOK like a horse... in a couple of years.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Work all day. Then work all the next...


We mowed and weed eat the lawn. I turned out horses.

Our neighbor bought 25 ton of timothy grass hay. I'm sure he got a good deal for it, but he had to have it off the ranch by today. The rancher needs the space to put up the next cutting. So Jared offered some to us for $100/ton delivered. We just ahve to stack it. Since we have an electric hoist in our barn, stacking isn't the problem is used to be.

However, out of the four tons that he brought to us, we refused one ton. It was the bottom of the stack and there'd been a broken pipe in the field adjacent to the stack, and the whole bottom row was ruined. Unfortunately, the bad bales were mixed in with the good. So we had to check both sides of every bale. Pain in the ASS!

Mike and I moved a ton and half, but had to stop to go to a wedding. After the reception, we came home, changed our clothes, then finished stacking the hay.


This morning was cool and clear, so I cleaned two pens, mowed the pasture, and cleaned the drops from the hay in the barn. Some could be fed, some couldn't.

As I was finishing, Jared showed up with another 9 tons of hay. We will probably take another four tons, but the rest we are going to store for Jared. So, we'll be stacking more hay today.

I hate stacking hay.


She is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Her hock is mostly back to normal, her pastern is still a little swollen, and she's trotting again. However, she has now developed a deep, wheeze cough.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snotty girls! The things they do to each other!

UPDATE on Josh - They ran some test this morning and determined that Josh has exercise induced asthma. Because of that, he can not be a Marine. He will stay in the Naval Hospital until he is over the pneumonia, then they'll process him out and fly him home. It should be about two weeks. I'm sure he's bummed about this because it's something that he really wanted. If you get a chance, say a prayer for him, will ya?

Sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, Squirrel got kicked in the back leg. There is a cut on the inside of her pastern, and one on the outside, just below the hock. Her leg is swollen from above the hock to the hoof! Since then, she was bearing very little weight on the leg, and was in obvious discomfort.

I doctored the cuts with T-Zone cream. God! I love this stuff!!! I washed off the scabs and blood, and put the T-Zone on. Within an hour, the cuts were sealed. I covered them with bright pink SWAT to keep the flies away.

But that wasn't what concerned me. The swelling and lack of movement was my major concern.

I had to work Friday, so I left Mike in charge of taking care of Squirrel. He did a good job! By the time I got home Friday, she was walking mostly normal, with only a slight limp, though the leg is still swollen.

We've given her B-L Solution. If you haven't used it, I totally recommend it! The horses all love it, and it WORKS!! I gave a double dose on Thursday am and pm and Friday am. After that, Mike gave a single dose every two hours. When I got home Friday afternoon, I turned her out on pasture. I figure that being mobile will keep the leg from getting stiff.

Last night, she tried to trot up to the barn, took two steps, then dropped back to a walk. This morning, she managed to trot seven steps. She is a good patient and on the road to recovery.

In other news...

The heat has broken for now. It's 90 during the day, and the temp when we woke up was 57. Just PERFECT!

UPDATE on Josh - Josh got sick the 2nd week in bootcamp. He was put on light duty in hopes he would recover and rejoin his platoon. Well, it didn't happen and he's now a patient at the Naval Hospital with pneumonia. His wife is not the best at relaying details, so this morning, Mike called the Recruiter and ask for him to find out more detailed information. Because he is now in the medical platoon, his graduation date will probably be pushed back a month. The main thing, is that he get healthy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farrier F*up or am I just spoiled?

I've been feeding my neighbor's horses while she's out of town.

On Thursday, her farrier came and put new shoes on two of her horses. She said he'd just pull them out and tie them to the tie rail, then do his thing.

Tonight, I happened to look down as I was walking out of her barn and saw a shoeing nail. I reached down to pick it up, and saw nail clippings. About 16 of them. Her farrier had just clipped them off and left the sharp points on the ground.

When my farrier shoes my horses, He runs both hands around the hoof and catches the nail points. Am I just spoiled or was her farrier a careless ass? I know if it were me, I wouldn't have him back.

I called her, told her what I'd found, and advised her to get a magnet to see if there are more clippings. Whether she takes my advice or not remains to be seen.

Friday, August 7, 2009


We woke up to rain and 60 degrees. We threw open the house, I fed the horses, then came in for a cup of coffee. By the time I was done, the rain was just a sprinkle.

Mike and I put on our grubbies and picked up horse poop. Then we cleaned the automatic waterers in the barn, swept the barn, scrubbed the water tubs, mowed the lawn, ran to the store, edged the curb and ate some lunch. Naturally, we were exhausted, so we took a nap.

The high today was only 82, with a breeze.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS!

drsgrider - the house sold at auction for $480,000.