Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever been so tired, and sweaty, and dirty that your toenails hurt? I didn't think it was possible but after today, let me tell ya... it's possible.

The farrier came this morning, as you know. Mike spent the rest of the morning moving the manure pile to the arena while I cleaned the barn. Bullwinkle has decided to use his hay for bedding, so I cleaned that up and cleaned up the dropped hay in the aisle of the barn.

I came in and made lunch, then I rototilled the arena, ran the drag around to smooth it out, and took care of the pm feeding. Whoopee, right? LOL! Turns out my toenails are too long and my shoes were too short. I tell ya though... that shower felt awesome!

Beau is walking much better. He's still guarded, but MUCH better. Turns out that the think on his bum isn't new and isn't growing. He's had it for a while and it's just on the skin, not attached to the muscle. I talked with the ex-wife and daughter of the former owner. The daughter remembers the spot. The mom commented that Beau has gained weight and looks much better. SO... I must be doing something right. Oh! Also, there is some "new meat" on the inside of his back legs. I'll try too get a picture tomorrow, I'm just too tired tonight.

Beau actually pinned his ears and took a run at Squirrel this afternoon. Then they touched noses and squealed. He must be feeling better.

So, from here forward, aside from the obvious need for weight gain, my concern is his foot. Or should I say feet.

Special Thank You to Seth Thompson, Beau's farrier. He charged me about 1/2 the normal fee for Beau, AND was late for his next appointment so he could help Mike and I smoosh in the epoxy and tape Beau's foot. I know he doesn't read this blog, but Thank You Seth! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

One more thing... Beau's front feet are two different sizes. Don't know if this is "standard" for Beau, or just for now.


Alee said...

Well I have been so tired my hair hurt! LOL Sounds like you worked hard. Want to come work on my garden? It would be a snap after all that work you did!

OneDandyHorse said...

The size of the feet will equalize when they are all healed. I've had my nails hurt too... finger adn toe nails! I know how you felt!