Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beau shows me some of his personality

Just noticing some stuff...

Last night, as I was working some of the muck loose from his back, Angel was standing nearby watching. On the other side of her, Squirrel walk past and into the barn. Cute, sweet little Beau, who was about 20 feet away from Squirrel, pinned his ears and snarled at her. Protecting his "woman".

Tonight I thought I'd turn Angel out on pasture for a little while. The "little while" was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. Beau dang near lost his mind. Hobbling up and down as fast as his sore little feet and emaciated body could carry him, roaring, squealing, carrying on. I had to run Angel back into her pen. (BTW - we could have won the Bribe Your Horse class at the SAFE Show! That girl is a total cookie monster!)

Then I turned the sprinklers on in the arena. The girls, Jazzy and Jinx, are getting wet and not liking it one little bit. But the arena is so dry and dusty, they've both got a little cough.

I need your thoughts - what do you think about me asking the farrier to put a shoe on Beau's ouchy front foot backwards? I've been pondering it, thinking that it might help him. Or maybe the right way with a pad so he's not right on the sole of his hoof.



Cheval Noire said...

Hi Karen,

I think a 'protective' shoe sounds like a great idea.

Both of my mares at separate times have torn their hooves and we had a protective shoe put on to take the weight and protect the foot while it grew out. These horses aren't normally shod but it was necessary to prevent further damage being done.

Beau sounds like a lovely lad and like he's responding to a bit of TLC. Good on you for giving the old boy some much needed lovin'.

Western Australia : )

Alee said...

What about those clip on boot thingies? *Yes I know... so technical... but it's 1am so can't think of the brand name! :D *

Cheval Noire said...

Boots would be a good idea except for their cost (unless you can hire one?) - here in Australia you're looking at about $250 a piece (US$210) so a big outlay for 6 or 8 weeks.

Shoes would also allow better 'ventillation' whereas as a boot is sort of sealed so possibly not as healthy for a healing hoof - good for riding and short term wearings but maybe not in this situation. But then, they may be just the trick; it's just the cost factor that might be prohibitive.

Sounds as though your bed beckons Alee : ) Tomorrow is a wonderful day (I'm not being warm and fuzzy here; it really is. I'm half way through Friday here and it's a good day) lol

Redneck101 said...

Hi, think you are doing a wonderful thing and yes, he is already gaining weight!! Have had some experience with the old and toothless and may I recommend soaked hay(timothy/alfalfa) cubes, as opposed to pellets, and soaked beet pulp. These seem to supply more of the important fiber and fiber length necessary for gut motility. Must be thoroughly soaked and checked for any choke hazards. Also I add rice bran for fat. Have had great success with no colic. Sounds like the old man is very happy with you and good luck.

Drillrider said...

Sounds like it can't hurt and may keep him more comfortable until the hoof has time to repair itself. They do have shoes that are go all the way around? Ask you farrier, that's what he/she is there for!

Redneck101: I agree...beet pulp is a great tool and cheap.

Anonymous said...

Definitely try to keep him from walking on the sole :) Also, you might want to put shoes on both front feet so that he is not "un-even"

luvredponies said...

Easy boots are not so expensive here in the states - especially when you compare them to conventional shoeing. I have an older mare that I just acquired who has horrible feet. Her shoes had been on at least 3 months maybe more and her angles were all out of wack, no sole, thin walls. My natural trim hoof professional trimmed her feet and fit her in boots and she is riding sound. She is striding out on all four (she was taking tiny little steps in the front) and not walking on her toes anymore. A set of boots will cost roughly $100 but they will allow his feet to heal and naturally build up a good sole, frog and walls, as opposed to the metal shoes which will only get his sole off the ground and provide him with relief, but doesn't really allow for natural repair to happen. Good Luck!

Alee said...

Easy Boots! Yes! That is what I was thinking of! Thanks LRP!!

Karen V said...

I'm thinking something a bit more "long term" than an EasyBoot. I'm thinking frog pads, full pads, full re-section of the front of the hoof wall, epoxy, shoes... something along those lines. I talked to my farrier on the phone. Once he gets here, we'll see how Beau's standing and use the best option. If he has to built up the sides using graphite, then that's what we'll do. Whatever it takes to make him more comfortable.

Right now, he is really uncomfortable. It's just on that one front foot from what I can tell. The little fit he tossed last night didn't help matters any. I'll be sure to take lots of "in-progress" photos.