Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farrier F*up or am I just spoiled?

I've been feeding my neighbor's horses while she's out of town.

On Thursday, her farrier came and put new shoes on two of her horses. She said he'd just pull them out and tie them to the tie rail, then do his thing.

Tonight, I happened to look down as I was walking out of her barn and saw a shoeing nail. I reached down to pick it up, and saw nail clippings. About 16 of them. Her farrier had just clipped them off and left the sharp points on the ground.

When my farrier shoes my horses, He runs both hands around the hoof and catches the nail points. Am I just spoiled or was her farrier a careless ass? I know if it were me, I wouldn't have him back.

I called her, told her what I'd found, and advised her to get a magnet to see if there are more clippings. Whether she takes my advice or not remains to be seen.


Horse Filled Days said...

No, you are not being spoiled, when my husband shoes our horses, he does the same thing~~cupps his hand around the edge of the hoof when clipping the nails off and catches the sharp points. They can do alot of damage if embedded into the foot~~you think he would know better! Shame on him! Good for you for telling her, it might save her alot of heartache (and money) in the future, LOL...

ZTIG said...

You aren't spoiled, it is his/her job to clean up after themselves. It's why they have a big magnet. If they don't clean up, they don't come back. It isn't carelessness, it's not caring.
If we see a nail on the ground we pick it up, as good horse owners. If a farrier, who deals with nails and horses all day, does not care enough to ensure that his own nails are picked up, than they don't care enough to make sure my horse is safe in their care.