Sunday, August 16, 2009

Work all day. Then work all the next...


We mowed and weed eat the lawn. I turned out horses.

Our neighbor bought 25 ton of timothy grass hay. I'm sure he got a good deal for it, but he had to have it off the ranch by today. The rancher needs the space to put up the next cutting. So Jared offered some to us for $100/ton delivered. We just ahve to stack it. Since we have an electric hoist in our barn, stacking isn't the problem is used to be.

However, out of the four tons that he brought to us, we refused one ton. It was the bottom of the stack and there'd been a broken pipe in the field adjacent to the stack, and the whole bottom row was ruined. Unfortunately, the bad bales were mixed in with the good. So we had to check both sides of every bale. Pain in the ASS!

Mike and I moved a ton and half, but had to stop to go to a wedding. After the reception, we came home, changed our clothes, then finished stacking the hay.


This morning was cool and clear, so I cleaned two pens, mowed the pasture, and cleaned the drops from the hay in the barn. Some could be fed, some couldn't.

As I was finishing, Jared showed up with another 9 tons of hay. We will probably take another four tons, but the rest we are going to store for Jared. So, we'll be stacking more hay today.

I hate stacking hay.


She is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Her hock is mostly back to normal, her pastern is still a little swollen, and she's trotting again. However, she has now developed a deep, wheeze cough.

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