Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snotty girls! The things they do to each other!

UPDATE on Josh - They ran some test this morning and determined that Josh has exercise induced asthma. Because of that, he can not be a Marine. He will stay in the Naval Hospital until he is over the pneumonia, then they'll process him out and fly him home. It should be about two weeks. I'm sure he's bummed about this because it's something that he really wanted. If you get a chance, say a prayer for him, will ya?

Sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, Squirrel got kicked in the back leg. There is a cut on the inside of her pastern, and one on the outside, just below the hock. Her leg is swollen from above the hock to the hoof! Since then, she was bearing very little weight on the leg, and was in obvious discomfort.

I doctored the cuts with T-Zone cream. God! I love this stuff!!! I washed off the scabs and blood, and put the T-Zone on. Within an hour, the cuts were sealed. I covered them with bright pink SWAT to keep the flies away.

But that wasn't what concerned me. The swelling and lack of movement was my major concern.

I had to work Friday, so I left Mike in charge of taking care of Squirrel. He did a good job! By the time I got home Friday, she was walking mostly normal, with only a slight limp, though the leg is still swollen.

We've given her B-L Solution. If you haven't used it, I totally recommend it! The horses all love it, and it WORKS!! I gave a double dose on Thursday am and pm and Friday am. After that, Mike gave a single dose every two hours. When I got home Friday afternoon, I turned her out on pasture. I figure that being mobile will keep the leg from getting stiff.

Last night, she tried to trot up to the barn, took two steps, then dropped back to a walk. This morning, she managed to trot seven steps. She is a good patient and on the road to recovery.

In other news...

The heat has broken for now. It's 90 during the day, and the temp when we woke up was 57. Just PERFECT!

UPDATE on Josh - Josh got sick the 2nd week in bootcamp. He was put on light duty in hopes he would recover and rejoin his platoon. Well, it didn't happen and he's now a patient at the Naval Hospital with pneumonia. His wife is not the best at relaying details, so this morning, Mike called the Recruiter and ask for him to find out more detailed information. Because he is now in the medical platoon, his graduation date will probably be pushed back a month. The main thing, is that he get healthy!

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