Monday, August 24, 2009

Beau is still with us...

8:00 pm UPDATE - I just spent the last 1/2 hour working on the crud on Beau's back. There are some scabs, but it doesn't look like its rainrot after all. It's like dirt and dander and sweat was caught against the skin and just caked there from lack of grooming. It brushed off pretty easily, and he enjoyed the "scrubbing" with the rubber-nubby thing. He got the whole camel neck thing, lip all stuck out, it was hilarious. He has some bald patches, but he'll be fine.

I heard loud tummy grumblies, which is a good sign. He ate all of his 6 pounds of Senior Feed, and some of his hay pellets. I gave him a couple cookies to see if he could chew them, and he did with some effort. So, I know he has SOME back teeth, just not sure of the condition. It'll be at least a month before he's strong enough to survive the sedation.

He is the sweetest little dude!

Beau is still eating very well. He was a nickering fool this morning when I took his breakfast in. He’s still a little confused about the bucket coming in and getting dumped into the feeder and me taking it away. He wants to follow the bucket. So I stand at the feeder and pat the side until he sticks his nose in and starts eating.

He’s currently getting 6 pounds of Purina Equine Senior and 18 pounds (give or take) of the orchard grass pellets. He snarfs the Equine Senior, cleaning up every crumb. He ate most of the hay pellets yesterday – all except for maybe a pound total.

He hasn’t pooped as much as I think he should, so I called the vet and chatted about maybe giving him an enema. She said if he’s pooping ANY, to leave him be, that he was probably digesting most of it anyway. She suggested adding a little table salt to his grain to encourage him to drink more. I have seen him at the salt like, but not a whole lot, and he didn’t drink much over-night. She said when he quits eating to give her a call.

I’m going to wait until this weekend to get a daily dewormer. While he seems strong, I don’t think he’s totally out of the woods yet, so I don’t want to buy a bunch of supplements just yet, even though I’m anxious to get started on the dewormer. He does pretty good moving around, though he’s sore on the front left foot.

By the way, not sure if I shared this already or not, but the farrier doesn’t believe he was on irrigated pasture for very long. His feet were dry and tough! Also, he said he probably hasn’t been trimmed in about 2 years.


Dressager said...

Well, at least he doesn't have a bad case of thrush. But 2 years? That's just pure laziness.

Glad to hear that Mr. Beau is doing well. He must be feeling better if he was a "nickering fool" in the morning haha!

Good luck, as always!

Karen V said...

He did have thrush in the back feet. The farrier applied it for me. He also dumped some coppertox in the void on that left front foot, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Karen, You are truely an angel from heaven. Not everyone could take on the "projects" that you do, thank you! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you!

B & D Z

Alee said...

I am so addicted to this blog and Beau updates! With as many pounds of feed that he is eating and if he is utilizing so much of it, I imagine he feels like he is in heaven! Poor old guy! I wish we were in a better financial position to send some help for the feed bills!

Karen V said...

If I'm an angel, I'm just one of many. There are so many folks out there who make a difference, one horse at a time. The horse doesn't have to be starving or neglected or abused. Sometimes, someone will take a horse that is misunderstood and turn that horse into a superstar.

B&DZ, I truely appreciate your support.

Alee - Your words of encouragement tell me I'm doing the right thing.

I very easily could have said "No". I have a whole lot going on right now and probably "should" have. But for whatever reason, I said "Yes" without even really thinking about. I just said "Sure, I'll take him". God moved me to say that. It wasn't a conscious thought.

And now, here's Beau. When he finally is back up to weight, I'm going to put the before and after side by side.

Alee said...

Ooo! I think you should add adsense to your blog. I would click on adds! It might help pay for feed if everyone clicked on ads for you!

Horse Filled Days said...

Karen, you are doing a great job with this guy. Thank God he found you when he did, he wouldn't have lasted much longer, keep up the great work!

catsdigsandhorses said...

You are doing great with him! I have taken in a few skinny ones myself. The daily wormer would be great to do and you can also start putting on a little bit of vegitable oil on his pelletts/and or grain. He might eat more of them. Helps with his weight and his coat. About a 1/2 cup. Good crisco oil! Love these blogs with progress of a horse. I am going to begin doing this as well soon. Good luck! Jenny