Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The epoxy has set. Let's have a look, shall we?

You can see that the hoof is mis-shapen. There's a lot of heel here, but we'll take care of that a little at a time as we go.

The white line shows about where the hoof wall is separated from the sole. Pretty much the whole front of the toe. The upper red dot is where the hoof wall actually ends. The lower red dot marks the toe of the shoe. The grey stuff is the epoxy we used to fill it and seal the void. The void actually goes all the way around the side, as you can see.

Looking a little better. I don't know what the deal with the lip is all about.


Alee said...

Oh my gosh! He doesn't even look like the same horse! He is looking so much better! Who would have thought just a short few weeks of good feed would work so quickly! He still looks underweight of couse, but not as horrifying as his first photos. Awesome work!

Alee said...
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Karen V said...

It's been 12 days. ONLY 12 days. For him to look like this in ONLY 12 day tells me this was TOTALLY preventable. ALL of it.

I contact the Sheriff's Office yesterday. I still haven't made contact with any of the Deputies that responded, but I'm slowly working through the ranks.

The Little Man got a back massage tonight. I put more M-T-G on his back and hairless spots. His skin is very dry still. This weekend, I'll be adding fresh ground flax seed to his feed.

I still need to get him a good vitamin supplement, but he's not ready for that yet. I'll give him another week at least. Then my plan is to get some Necessity w/Glucosamine and MSM.

OR... free choice vitamin supplement. They have it in a bucket and the horses just lick at it as they need it. Might just get a bucket for all the "babies".

Not quite sure yet.

Cheval Noire said...

He looks so different and the glued up foot is a masterpiece and I'm sure feeling a lot better.

We once had an old horse with a floppy bottom lip. It wasn't always floppy; just when she was chilling out so maybe it's a sign that he's feeling happier and more relaxed.

Well done Karen he's a real credit to you : )

Jeanetta said...

Wow...He looks great! I can't believe how quickly he's put on weight! He looks amazing. By the way, I'm a FHOTD reader, I found your site their Fugly's. =)

Alee said...

Yeah I think the floppy lip is just a relaxation thing. I hope the Sheriffs prosecute the previous owner and he has to pay your for recovery care!! Sheesh! Poor old guy! I can't imagine the mental torment of being surrounded by food but not able to eat it!

Anonymous said...

Karen, you have done an amazing job! I went back and looked at the first photos and the one you just posted, what an eye opener!

Just Wondering how well he is able to get around now? Is he moving around more than when he first arrived?

Thank you for the updates!!
Karen in FL

Karen V said...

He is moving around more. He's "off" on that left front, but I'm not surprised. I think its from the angle and shape though, not so much from pain.

I'm going to let Beau and Angel out on adjoing pastures so I can clean runs. He probably won't be able to eat much, but maybe he'll get some more exercise. And, I might be able to get some "action" shots.

He'd "cleaned his plate" overnight - 20 pounds of grass hay pellets and 6 pounds of senior feed eaten yesterday.

Caroline said...

Wow, what a difference! He looks great floppy lip and all =)
Thank you for saving this guys life.

Alee said...

So is he starting to poop more? Earlier you said he wasn't pooping much and the vet thought he was just utilizing most of the food?

You know we love him when we want to know about his poop! LOL

Karen V said...

Hes a pooping fool now. I think the reason he wasn't initially pooping was because there wasnt anyhing in there TO poop. Unfortunately for me, he does it in the barn.

Sally said...

He is turning out to be so beautiful. I'm glad you came into his life, he even looks happier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Beau is making so much progress... I can't believe it's only been 12 days.

I agree with the others, I think the lip thing is just another positive sign that he is setteling in and getting comfortable.

OneDandyHorse said...

As a trimmer, looking at the picture with the indication lines (and dots), I would put the wall angle (the angle that should be... the white line that you drew) at a much steeper angle. If you look at a hoof, the pastern and the hoof should have the same angle, therefore, the line would be nearly vertical, then, just for fun, I would draw another line, cutting all the excess heal (heels should me no more than an inch high). Basically, your horse is mechanically foundered, that explains the void in the wall, nothing is holding that coffin bone. I hope he gets better real soon! Best of luck, I wish I lived close, maybe I could trim him! Anyways, Best of luck and glad you rescued this boy!