Friday, August 21, 2009

Beau - In the light of day

Some more pics from today.

Not much of a bum, is there?


Alee said...

Oh poor Beau! That last pic just makes me want to cry. His leg muscles are so wasted. I can't wait to see pics after the farrier sees him and especially after he starts gaining weight! You are doing an amazing thing in helping this guy!

Anonymous said...

I cant go 12 hours without food and have my stomach not growling at me... this guy looks like he's gone this whole year without being able to eat a good meal or so... I can imagine this poor fellow not only hurting from going and being underweight, but especially having his stomach growling at him. I know... mine hurts after about 12 hours. And I know I am only 120 lbs, but I could not even stand losing 20 lbs! This guy looks like he lost the equivalent weight if he lost 200 lbs.

Karen V said...

This is definitely a neglect case. The POS former owner DID have him turned out on pasture. The thing is: Most of Beau's back teeth are missing. He has front teeth, so he could put at the grass, but he couldn't chew.

The neglect comes in when the former owner didn't take him to the vet, have his teeth checked, nor did he change his diet to a soaked pellet.

Beau has eaten almost non-stop since he got here.

Anonymous said...

That is disgusting. How people can treat a horse that way shocks me to this day. I hate it.
I hope Beau's owner gets charged!!