Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And then...There's Bullwinkle!

Hairy little monster!

Well, not really "little". And not really "monster".

More like obnoxious baby! What did I expect from a yearling? Perfect behavior?

Yeah, I guess I did. I'm so spoiled! Since he got here, he's been a darling angel! Only recently did he start acting naughty. His crime?

Taking down the electric tape. ALL OF IT!! All the tapes between him and Millie and Honey. Squirrel is on the other side and she set him straight right away. She wasn't having any of his mischief!

Millie like to play, and Honey is very tolerant.

For the third day in a row, I've put fences back together, am and pm. I tried soaking the grounding rods - three of them anyway. I have NO CLUE where the fourth one is. Buried somewhere...

I made sure there weren't any tapes down in the pasture, grounding the fence out and lessening the jolt. I made sure it was plugged in. I made sure it was turned on. Still... the tapes came down.

Then I check the charger. Hmmm... no clicking. Yep, the switch was on. Yep, it was plugged in.

Oh wait... the GFCI was tripped. DOH!! The charger now clicks. We'll see if I have to put up tapes tomorrow morning.

As an update on general health - hard so say. He looks like a mutant. SO butt-high, scrawny (except for the butt), funky-giraffe looking mutant. Growing AGAIN. UGH!! He likes to sleep in the poop. Wierd, icky poo spots all over him. I keep reminding myself that eventually, he will actually LOOK like a horse... in a couple of years.


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Cecil looked ridiculous as a yearling. BW will grow out of it - I promise! Big horses always look funny til they're three.

peg4x4 said...

First post--bless you for takeing this poor boy in..happiness to you and yours