Saturday, October 18, 2008

What An Amazing Little Mare

I went for a ride on Squirrel yesterday. What an amazing horse.

We went down the road, across traffic, and out on the trail. She was AWESOME!

She went quietly and willingly on a loose rein the entire time. When there was a "spook", if you can call it that, she merely tipped and ear and stepped around it. The things that she "spooked" at were the storm drains in the road, and a neighbor's irrigation pumphouse.

Walk, trot, lope - all on loose rein. She is smooth as silk! There is one area about 1/3 mile or more where we breeze the horses. She loped with a little speed and responded immediately when I asked for a "Whoa". When we had to stop and wait for traffic, she stood quietly whle the cars whizzed by.

Coming back, the two others that I was riding with decided to race down the "breezeway". She loped along behind them with no frantic whinnying. When the dust clear a little and we could see, I asked her for more speed and she gave it to me. And again, she dropped down immediately when I lowered my hand and sat.

Never in my wildest dreams have I ever dared to dream that she would be this nice. I knew she'd be broke, but this mare is amazing. She carries her head and neck nice and level, and gives to the bit when asked.

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Anonymous said...


I can't wait for my first ride on Casey. Farrier won't be out until after the 1st as he needs a bit of time to let his hooves grow yet. (Former people trimmed him themselves- I don't like that idea).

Then, we have ground work to do to start getting him back in shape before I ask him to lug me around.