Thursday, October 9, 2008

This darling baby is PUSHY!!

Millie the Filly....hmmm...

Apparently, I've gotten spoiled with my older, well mannered horses.

Millie will try to walk over me. She has a bad habit of pooping in the barn. I know she hasn't really settled in yet, so I'm trying to be patient. I cleaned her stall last night and she tried to follow the wheel barrow out the front of her stall. I tried to gently push her back, but she didn't know what it meant. So she got popped. And she stood there, half in and half out of her stall. So I REALLY popped her. Relunctantly, she backed into her stall.

Millie will also snatch at her hay when I feed. She knocked it out of my arms. Made me mad! Anyway, now when she tried it, I shove the hay into her nose, poking her. I really need to work on getting that stopped.

I've been so busy since she got her that I haven't had time to really do anything with her. This weekend, if it's not raining or blowing, she's going to get haltered and messed with.

We really need to work on this manners thing though. Any ideas? Anyone? I really AM "baby stupid"!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh! The joys of babyhood!

Take Millie and put her into a 1000 lbs. Arab package and you've got my VTA when we first got him! Knew nothing but how to get lovin's and wear a halter.

At least she's littler!