Friday, October 17, 2008

Turn Out is ALWAYS Fun!

I had to do some shuffling of horses today...trying to figure out who is going to "live" where. I decided that Shyanna and Dobbs get along really well, so they will live together in the biggest run. Honey will be moved to the pen behind the barn. And Squirrel will move into Dobb's old stall, between Millie and Angel.

I opened the gates to let them all out on pasture and WHOOPEE! Let the fun begin. Jazzy ripped a big old fart, then took off bucking. Angel and Millie joined her. Squirrel, Dobbs and Shyanna just watched in silence, maybe trotted a little. Honey did her little pasture prance, too refined to really let it rip!

Squirrel went to the beauty parlor and I was able to work the massive rats' nest out of her tail. She so reminds me of Heddy...

So now, I'm off to clean up weekend chore.

Update - It figures! The horses stand at the gate to the pasture as if BEGGING to go out. I take pity on them and turn them out. I watch them until them settle down and then get to work. It never soon as I go into their run with the wheel barrow, they come up to check it out, re-spread the poop I just raked into a pile, and generally get in the way. Sigh...

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