Thursday, October 16, 2008


Almost a week ago, Heddy died unexpectedly from a twisted gut associated with colic. We were shocked and saddened by this unexpected loss. ALL our animals are our babies. Although the horses are a passion of mine, my darling husband, Mike, supports my addiction and though not “horsey”, cares deeply about all that are included in my menagerie.

I’ve heard so many time “We have Arabs” or “We have Quarter Horses”…. we have “The Kids”. They all have a story and have touch us in many ways.

There’s Angel – Bright-Eyes Angel – 8 yr old appaloosa with ADHD, whose energy and “appytude” both frustrate me and make me smile. This horse, like no other, can frustrate me to tears, and just when I’m ready to throw up my hands and give up, she gifts me with moments of brilliance. Just when I think she will never “figure it out”, she delivers an effortless execution that makes the casual observer sit forward and say “That is an awesome horse. Where did she find her?” This is a mare I trust in all things. She will die in my arms when it’s her time.

There’s Jazzy – Leos Jazzy Music – 7 yr old QH mare whose dam was the subject of a neglect seizure and as a result, has no papers to prove her lineage. I can only go by what the owner of her sire told me. She was Parelli’s extensively as a youngster, but after a trailering accident left her with a blemish that required more care than her owner wanted to give, she ended up with a horse trader (who, of course, bred her as a 4 yr old), and ultimately, with us. Further, self-inflicted injuries has delayed her formal training, and now, at 7 yrs old, she remains green broke, and because of her Music Mount breeding, a little unpredictable.

Honey – Honey in the Money – 8 yr old Thoroughbred mare who was raced very successfully. After an accident on the track, her owners sought to make a broodmare out of her. Possibly due to the accident, she can not carry a foal to term. Also, it is very possible that she will never be sound to ride. (Finances prevent us from determining that at this time) Can’t be ridden – can’t be bred…that make her worth about $.30 per pound. Except to me. She is the most cuddly, snuggly mare in my barn. Sweet, sometimes silly, stunningly beautiful, graceful and elegant, it’s a lot like standing the presence of royalty. I’m just in awe every day that this beautiful mare belongs to me.

Dobbs – Big Cadillac Mac – 18 yr old Quarter Horse gelding. The horse trader owed me some money and had taken the “old man” in a trade. She didn’t tell me about his old stifle injury. She didn’t trim his feet. She didn’t worm him. But then, being a horse trader, I’m not surprised at that. What I am surprised about is the fact that he is such a perfect gentleman, kind, willing and solid in all things. He is so polite, always, even at feeding time. His chatter fills the barn as he sings for his supper, yet, he’ll pull his muzzle full of slobber out of the way so I can dump in his grain.

Millie – Meritable Millie – yearling Appendix Quarter Horse filly. Pushy, loud, obnoxious, sweet, curl up in your lap if she could, adorable little filly. She’s only been at the house since October 3, so I’m still figuring her out.
So with Heddy’s passing, I received a lot of sympathy, which I expected. What I did NOT expect were the offers of free horses.

My neighbor, Pam, and her guy friend were the ones that found Heddy and helped out until I got home. The guy, Jim, saw that I was really upset and told Pam about a friend of his that has a big ranch about 4 hours north of us and that they were giving away some broodmares, one was broke to ride and was nice and solid. So, Pam asked me if I wanted her to take a look at this mare and her papers for me. I said "Sure, as long as you're up there."

She called me yesterday to double check, “Did I still want her to go look at the mare”. I said “Yes”. She called me about an hour later and said "This is a NICE mare." Bear in mind, normally, Pam has ZERO use for mares. She is strictly a gelding girl. So, what that told me, is that the mare is REALLY NICE! She said that the mare looked a lot like Heddy, but with more QH stockiness.

She got home Wednesday night REALLY late (after 11:00 or so), so I didn't even see the mare until Thursday morning. Pam didn’t know where I wanted her, so she just kept her in a pen close to my barn. I went out to feed The Kids, I came out of the barn, the mare turned to look at me and my breath caught in my throat. She had almost IDENTICAL markings as Heddy, about the same size, etc. This mare's head is shorter and blockier that Heddy's, but she's the same color, size and shape. I couldn’t do anything but stand and stare.

I still don’t know how she’s bred, or what her registered name is, but sometime this morning, in the midst of my mental meaderings, the name “Squirrel” came to me.

UPDATE - Her registered name is JNJ Classy Poco Gal

I haven't ridden her, but somethings you just have a feeling about.

Welcome Home, Squirrel. (I’ll have pics up soon)


Anonymous said...

Welcome Squirrel!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I can't believe you were surprised! Jeez, I was having the good grace to let you grieve before I tried to get you to take a free horse, and then I got leapfrogged!

But hey, good for Squirrel. I can't wait to hear more!