Thursday, October 23, 2008

A nice little horse!


Mindy and the Mob came to the house today. I say "mob" because I'm not sure who they all were. Mindy, her daughter Shandi (who will be Shyanna's new owner), Mindy's son Shade, Mindy's boyfriend (can't remember his name) and some other young-ish guy that I was never introduced to.

They ALL rode Shyanna. She walked and trotted. She backed, reluctantly. I never saw any loping, but that's ok. Shyanna did everything she was asked to do. She's a nice little mare and really cute under saddle.

Bethany was a novice rider when she bought Shyanna. She is still a novice rider. She never reinforced anything. Shyanna was allowed to get away with whatever it was that she showed resistance against. Shyanna has become spoiled.

That will all change in the weeks and months to come. Mindy, while a little bit "hick", is patient, soft, and kind but will expect compliance and will not allow Shyanna to act spoiled anymore.

I will deliver Shyanna to her new home across the river on Sunday morning. She will go with the condition that if Mindy can not, or does not want her any more, Shyanna will be returned to me.

Click on her name to see crappy photos on my Photobucket page. My computer can't get Blogger to upload them at home.

She's starting to gain weight and is becoming more friendly. I noticed that Sunday, after my ride on her up at the barrel race, that she was acting foot sore. I think that she has a stone bruise. I think that because, well, I picked a rock out of her hoof. It was back near the heel, but into the sole of her foot. I'd like to keep her barefoot if I can. But I also don't want riding to be painful for her. Every time I go out to the barn, I stand and pet her through the feed door as she eat her grain. I REALLY like this mare!

oh yeah....the little darling is now in heat. Gotta love those mares....


Anonymous said...

We want photos! We want photos! We want photos!

Ok, I think you get the point!

Karen V said...

Ok...I'm home and going out RIGHT NOW to take photos! Be right back!

Karen V said...

Ok..go to the entry and click on her name. It'll take you to my photo bucket page, then you can see really crappy pasture photos. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow.