Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shyanna has a new home.

Bethany was 14 yrs old when her mother bought Shyanna for her. Bethany has boarded and occasionally ridden, but only on trails. Bethany is responsible for the cost of owning the horse and is now planning her wedding and preparing to move to Camp Pendleton in southern California, where her fiancĂ© is stationed with the Marine Corps. She can’t keep the horse.

I listed the horse for sale over a month ago and have not gotten one response. There are just too many nice horses out there that she’s competing against. I talked with Bethany at length and her main concern is that the horse goes to a safe loving home. With papers.

I called Mindy, who in her younger years, exercise QHs on track for a living. Mindy used to be married to Larry. Larry is the guy that Bethany bought the horse from. Mindy’s daughter is wanting a horse and Mindy knows Shyanna and how she’s broke. Mindy is going to take Shyanna home this week. She’ll be well cared for and she’s such a sweet mare, she’ll make a nice horse for a 13 yr old.


Anonymous said...

Quick Cathy! Now's your chance! Karen needs another stat! LOL

I am glad Shyanna is going where she's known and will be loved.

Karen V said...

DON'T YOU DARE!!! LOL! When Heddy died unexpectedly, I was offered 12 free horses! BAH! My barn is full! My barn is full! My barn is full! My barn is full!

Sheesh! I still own six! SIX! SIX I tell you! Unless you come get Dobbs! He needs to be with someon who will ride consistently! He's awefully cute! Tempted??

Anonymous said...

We just got Casey (a free horse). Dobbs is tempting though... So is Lucy!

I have been a Marine Corps wife. I won't lie and say it's easy or that the divorce rate is exceedingly low. But I wish her the best of luck! Tell her to enjoy the scent of jasmine on the air for me. I miss that.