Friday, October 10, 2008

A very sad day, indeed.

Around noon today, I got a call from my neighbor that I had a horse down with colic.

I rush to the car and headed for home. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, she called again. They had the mare up but she was really weak and in bad shape. I hung up and called the vet.

We got to the house about the same time. It was Heddy and she was in really bad shape. She was covered in sweat, drooling, trembling.

I said, "Put her down." The vet said "I think that's the right choice. I don't think this is recoverable."

And so we put her down.

She gave me NO indication that there was a problem or that she was in distress. Morning feeding was normal.

I called and talked to Cathy and we both agreed, there was something wrong..something we couldn't see. Perhaps an ulcer or something else. She SHOULD have been gaining weight. She wasn't. If anything, she was declining.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Heddy. Thank you for the memories you gave me in the few short months you were here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen! My heart goes out to you again! I am so sorry for your loss.

Karen V said...

It was such a shock! This morning, Mike, my husband, won't up and started mulling it over again, wondering what he could have done different. (He was off for the day) He'd looked them over before he left the house and they were out grazing. It just came out of the blue. What hurts the most is that she suffered until she was found. It was so horrible. I never want to see that again. My only solice is that she is pain-free now.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I really think something was not right with her, internally. It does not make sense that she wasn't gaining her weight back - the baby was off of her, and you feed so well. Poor girl. RIP.