Sunday, October 12, 2008

Turnout Time

It was a lazy day here, so I decided that the most ambitious thing I'd do is turn out each of the horses for an hour in the arena. It's really a BIG round pen, but it get the job done.

Shyanna was first. She bucked and farted for a couple minutes then stood and looked at the house as if to say, "I'm done."

Honey was next. This mare cracks me up. It's like on the track, the exerciser dude would pull her head around to the left and let her run than way. and boy, can this mare buck! Great bounding leaps and twists accompanied by explosive farting!

Then came Jazzy, the self-exerciser. She rolled, stood up and shook off, then began the exercise program that she has in her head. Shortly after turning her out, we left to run to the grocery store so we could make home-made chicken noodle soup. She was still trotting around, shiny with sweat, when we returned.

Angel, my fat little appy, was next on the list. She will sometimes raise a ruckus, but today, she merely walked around for an hour.

Dobbs, the old man, did pretty much the same thing. No acrobatics or excessive expenditure of energy, just pacing.

Millie was last out. Being that she is the new kid on the block, only a year and half, I figured she would lose it. I thought there'd be hysterics and theatrics, squalling, running, bucking, the works. I was wrong. She sniffed around. Push the barrels over and spooked when they fell over. But all in all, it was very anticlimactic.

So now, a 1:45 pm, everyone is back in their bed, happily snuffling through their early afternoon flake of hay.

All that is left is to wait for the soup to cook down, slather some butter on some fresh french bread, and stuff myself, all the while trying to save room for fresh, hot apple pie with some vanilla ice cream.

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