Monday, October 27, 2008

Shyanna Goes Home

Sunday morning, I trailered Shyanna to her new home. It’s about 12 miles from me in a rural area, but it’s a NICE set-up.

There are three pastures, Shyanna will have her own ¼ acre pasture. Her pen is 50 X 35, There are box stalls, but from what I saw they aren’t being used. The horses there either in a pen or out on pasture. The property owner grows his own hay, which looked really nice!

All the fences on the place are the same, whether for the pens or the pasture. It’s continuous smooth wire fencing, drawn tight and runs through large metal posts, and while not coated, there are 8 strands, placed 4 - 6 inches apart. The tops are welded pipe and painted white. A DOG would have trouble getting through it.

The driveway goes past the pens, then drops 20 feet onto the property. The berm protects the pens from the prevailing south wind.

I stood by and watched while the new owners unloaded all their goodies into their privae tack room. There was a garbage can and bag of feed, buckets, treats, feed scoop, a bucket of brushes, first aid supplies, tack, and a winter blanket.

I don’t like winter blankets unless the horse is really sweaty, it’s really cold, and there isn’t any shelter. A properly cooled out horse, even though still a little wet, won’t get chilled. They stay warmer with proper nutrition and poofed up winter jammies! That is just my opinion, but since I don’t own Shyanna, her new “mommy” can do as she wishes.

She was delivered with papers and a contract that states that if ever Mindy can no longer care for Shyanna, she will be returned to me for rehoming.

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Anonymous said...

I've taken to blanketing Casey, but only because I don't want to spend 3 hours cooling him out after working, especially since we'll be working later at night. He was already growing in his winter fuzzies though when we got him home. I'm just trying to slow/minimize the fuzziness now.