Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeding them makes them feel better...Really?

Who knew?!?

I've had Squirrel for almost two weeks. I've ridden her twice. Due to a migraine on Saturday, and cold north wind on Sunday, I didn't ride. Meanwhile, I've been "feeding her up", trying to get some weight on her.

So tonight, I saddle her up and put my new bridle w/hackamore on her, thinking to have a nice quiet little ride around the arena. Mmmm....think again.

First of all, I seriously doubt she's ever worn a hackamore. She seemed really confused and being a little hot, got frustrated almost instantly. She tried to do what I asked, but....

She did this little rear thing, just enough to bring her front feet off the ground and when I got after her, she squealed and kicked out with one back foot.

Rather than tempt fate, I climbed off and took the reins off the hackamore and sent her around the arena. She took off squealing and bucking, well sort was a pretty pitiful attempt at bucking.

She loped around for about 20 minutes, then I climbed on her again. She was still very confused about the hackamore, but she was calm enough to listen to me.

What I've Learned

1. Stick with what works. I have a nice little bit that Squirrel worked really well in. We'll go back to that.

2. When you're feeding them up and they're mostly standing around, they MIGHT need a few minutes to blow off some steam before you climb on them.

3. Pick you battles. I could have gotten after Squirrel and RODE her out of her little snit, but I chose to let her blow the stink off without my butt in the saddle.

4. I STILL really like this mare!

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