Friday, October 31, 2008

Regret, and guilt...

I am feeling it this morning. If I had a three strand whip, I'd use it on myself.

I feel horrible! Guilty!

Honey is hurting. It's MY fault. And I can't do anything other than try (feebly, I might add) to make her a little comfortable.

When Honey came to me, she had an obviously, previously damaged back ankle. A result of her being on the track, or from wreck...I don't know. But she had it. She was mostly sound, and though it bothered her in deep ground, it didn't seem to ever bother her.

Sometime during her play yesterday, she did something to re-injure the ankle. A pull? A strain? A twist? I don't know. She didn't favor it walking back to her stall.

This morning, she could barely walk. She was limping badly, putting weight only on the toe of her back foot. Then ankle is swollen. Though it's always been large, it's worse now. I didn't however, feel any heat. Curious.

She got some bute with breakfast - which she tolerated reluctantly, by the way. She's always such a lady about these things.

It breaks my heart to know that I didn't this to her. Oh Honey...I'm so sorry.

I'm off to the feed store to get some B-L Solution. This will help protect her stomach from the caustic effects of long term bute use.

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