Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This horse is part....Beaver? HUH!?!

Every time I go out to the barn, I look at the horses, look for new "boo-boos", check the waterers, etc. Just give everything a look over to see if something has changed. Even though the horses are all penned separately, they still manage to inflict an injury on themselves.

So I checked them all over, treated the belly swirl where the biting flies like to attack (Vick VapORub works great) and was standing outside the barn next to Joy's run freshening her water. The upper part of the panel that separates Joy and Angel is pieces of wood, spaces out so they can see each other, but not bite. Along the edges of the wood, were fresh chewing, as if I had a beaver in tasting the wood.

I mean COME ON!!! She has free access to pasture, all the hay she wants and she STILL has to eat my barn. RAWR!!! GRF! GROWRS! Stupid horse! :O(

Ok, so Cathy....you won't be TOO mad if I roach her mane...will you?

She still has all this flakey stuff in her mane, almost to her poll. Honey had that and even though I treated it every day, it didn't go away until I roached her mane and let the air and light get to the skin. Her mane just hold SO MUCH crap!

She is getting another bath on Friday. I'm going to get some Head N Shoulders and she is getting a Full Body Wash, even legs and belly!


hope4more said...

Sounds like a beauty day Friday for Joy! I hope to get my buddies all bathed and prettied up too.

Agh I to have beavers. The equine kind.....we spray Chew Stop on the wood and it helps.

verylargecolt said...

Roach away!

As you saw, our place is all panels and coated wire, so there was no wood here for Miss Beaver. ;-)